Energy consumption is the main reason behind climate change because the burning of non-renewable fuel produces greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other environmental aspects as well. Energy efficiency is critical to mitigating climate change and we will continue to refine our production processes while reducing the consumption of energy. We are also monitoring our annual water consumption by collecting data on water resource consumption.

Lanner believes that an "interesting life" is just as important as "professional achievement." To create a high-quality environment that balances career development with the quality of life, Lanner has drawn up a human resources policy centered around balanced development so that employees can enjoy their work and be satisfied with their lives.

Lanner strives to ensure the environmental friendliness of all business activities and projects. We obtained certification for ISO 14001 environmental management system and IECQ QC 080000 hazardous substance management system. We also comply with the WEEE directive, RoHS and REACH. Longterm policies have been developed to protect the environment, conserve energy and make effective use of natural resources. A variety of action plans have been proposed over the years based on these environmental policies and approaches.

The Lanner Cultural Foundation was formally established by Lanner Electronics Inc. in April 2017. The Foundation was officially approved by the Education Department of New Taipei City in the same year. Lanner has continued to grow in revenue, profitability and assets over the 30 years since its creation. A sense of mission on giving back to the community and CSR fulfillment inspired the creation of the Lanner Foundation to work with Lanner Electronics Inc. on corporate philanthropy. The four key ideals of "Grassroots Education", "Cultural Development", "Local Initiative" and "Positive Cycle of Charity" serves as the Foundation's guide for charitable initiatives that fulfill a business' responsibility to give back to the community. By taking action to fix problems, we hope to amplify our influence and make society a better place.

Lanner requires suppliers to sign the AEO Security Declaration, Declaration of Nonuse of Conflict Minerals, the Supplier and Employee Code of Conduct, and the "Supplier Declaration on Non-use of Restricted Substance" promising that all of the products, parts and components it supplies including product accessories, packaging materials and other attachments delivered with the product are in compliance with the EU RoHS and WEEE directives. They must also comply with the content limits set out in Lanner's "Restricted Substance Content and Testing SOP" and provide compliance documentation. Violations of related regulations may lead to the cancellation or termination of the contract. Supplier partners are therefore encouraged to work with us to improve CSR.