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Operating branch connectivity and application on the cloud has many benefits including increased efficiency in operations and management for distributed workforce. Even as many enterprises begin adopting cloud computing processes, there are migration challenges including network reliability, security, and availbility.

Lanner works with Zscaler to enable next-gen Zero Trust Branch Connectivity by reducing cost, complexity and security risk. Lanner’s L-1515 uCPE platform features Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange software that enables secure access for users, workloads, and devices to the internet and multi-cloud applications with zero trust connectivity.


Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ is a cloud native platform that connects and secures users, workloads, and devices over any network from any location.


  • Secure work-from-anywhere: Employees can safely and seamlessly work from anywhere without having to worry about the network or whether or not they need to turn on a VPN.
  • Prevent cyberthreats: Enable full SSL decryption and cyberthreat protection, not just for users, but also for cloud workloads, servers, and SaaS app.
  • Simplify user and branch connectivity – Transform legacy hub-and-spoke networks by allowing branches that rely on expensive MPLS links or connecting users over VPN links to enable secure direct connectivity over the internet to any destination, regardless of where the user connects
  • Zero attack surface: Adversaries can't attack what they can't see, which is why the Zscaler architecture hides source identities by obfuscating their IP addresses. Because Zscaler removes an attack vector that traditional offerings expose, it helps to prevent targeting.
  • Secure cloud connectivity: Workloads securely connect to other workloads using zero trust and machine learning instead of relying on extending a traditional site-to-site VPN to the cloud, and thus the same risks of lateral movement.
  • Data loss prevention: Inspects your traffic inline, encrypted or not, and ensures your SaaS and public cloud applications are secure, giving you the protection and visibility you need.


Zscaler Verified uCPE Appliances






  • 4 Core Intel Atom C3436L
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • 8 Core Intel Atom C3758
  • 32GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD



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