Wide Temperature

Embedded appliances designed to withstand harsh settings and extreme weathers must be operable within a wide operating temperature, a range between -40 ℃ to +75 ℃ is typically expected.

IP67 Rated Enclosure

For mission-critical applications such as unmanned aerial vehicle, military transport and rolling stock, Lanner provides IP-67 rated industrial PC featuring waterproof enclosure, M12-protected connectors for robust vibration proof, making it perfect for providing reliable connectivity in extreme weather and harsh environments.

Compact Design

The sizes of SFF IPCs are usually measured in milliliters. Their smaller and often lighter construction simplifies deployments and maintenance at locations with limited and confined spaces.

Fanless Cooling

System fans, considered one of the most error-prone components, are removed from appliances while at the same time allowing heat dissipation off the top of the corrugated aluminum casing.

Advanced I/O Protection

Most Lanner systems feature protected connectors to cope with harsh environments, such as isolated COM/DIO with ESD/surge protection, and magnetic isolated LAN ports.