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Streamlined Edge Data & Cloud Analytics

Easy to configure AI/ML Gives Better Insights​

Efficient Real-Time Situational Awareness

Rapid integration with any on-premise or cloud System



Simplified Data Collection, Transformation and Reporting Across the Industrial Edge

FogLAMP is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) open source software and an essential Fog Computing component for today’s Industry. FogLAMP uses a pluggable, modern architecture to rapidly connect any and all assets, IIoT devices, & sensors, manages their data and forwards it onto any on premise or cloud-based destinations.

FogLAMP solves diversity and complexity issues at the data source(s) that emerge in real-world IIoT scenarios. Many challenging and cost-prohibitive scenarios are easily mitigated by simplifying data & analytics directly from the edge. The FogLAMP simplified solution is driven by an open, collaborative, well-versed software approach that is easy to configure, deploy, and manage the industrial edge.

Now, paired with Lanner’s diverse range of edge hardware solutions we can jointly tackle the spectrum of key requirements in edge IIoT. This industrial-first IoT data solution unlocks the full benefits of Lanner’s purpose-built edge appliances, accelerating remote deployments. From fast-paced mission-critical edge analytics, to machine vision inspections, anomaly and fault detection, to brownfield analytics for better operational situational awareness. A Lanner + FogLAMP solution is ready to fulfill your IIoT needs.



Leading Vibrational Capture, Analysis & Problem Identification

Automated Signal Processing & Data Optimization

Machine Vision Enhanced Data Collection with COTS IP Camera

Power/Data Constrained Brownfield Analytics


Industrial First


Open Source Collaborative Project

Industrial users have unique IoT requirements like integrating a variety of assets; MES, Historian, OEE integration. Or government regulations like NERC and CIP. Or signal processing challenges from a 40khz vibration sensor. Or managing equipment on the other side of data diode.

IIoT must integrate with all OT-IT.


Open source, volunteer driven collaborative software platforms are the most successful projects of the 21st century. DianomicGoogle and OSIsoft contributed FogLAMP to the Linux Foundation to seed the Fledge (FogLAMP Edge) project.

Governed by the Linux Foundation and endorsed by over 60 companies.



Experts in Signal Processing, ML and Cloud Computing


Secure IIoT SaaS Management​

IIoT is the most exciting and challenging distributed computing problem today. FogLAMP is engineered for automating data processingmachine learning, security, management, cloud native computing and assists IT teams to deploy and manage SOA architectures   FogLAMP uses a pluggable microservices architecture to connect all asset data, analyze the data and securely integrate to the existing systems that inform operators, engineers, maintenance teams, and data scientists. FogLAMP is the unifying solution for your industrial 4.0 Edge




Lanner Edge Gateways + FogLAMP Industrial IoT Deployment



Extensive I/O for both Modern and Legacy System Integration

With 8x Digital I/O, multiple serial COM and USB ports along with modern network gigabit+ interfaces you can integrate with a wide range of systems

Optimized for Secure Edge Communications

Powerful Processors enable multiple high-security protocols and encryption algorithms in real-time communications

Built for 24/7 Operation in Harsh Industrial Environments

Lanner’s hardware platforms bring proven reliability, with a purpose-built design that can withstand the harsh challenges in the industrial edge

Pre-certified carrier LTE, private LTE + FirstNet

The LEC-7242 are easily connected through certified carrier LTE, private LTE, CBRS, and FirstNet


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