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Reduce Latency

Security and Privacy


Using AWS for an SD-WAN Hub can be costly. AWS services are usage-based, leading to high expenses for network endpoints and bandwidth. Data transfer charges increase costs. Managing AWS networking services is complex, requiring expertise and adding to expenses.

Lanner collaborate with Adtran to a multi-node edge cloud solution that integrates Lanner HTCA-E400 edge servers and Adtran Ensemble Cloudlet software designed for on-prem and network edge locations.  Built on years of edge cloud experience, Cloudlet is simple, resilient and cost-optimized.


Ensemble Cloudlet

CSPs and enterprises need the low latency, standalone resiliency and data sovereignty of hosting workloads at the customer premises on the network edge. Ensemble Cloudlet can deliver flexible local cloud control and redundant management access to each node. Compared to a centralized hyper-scale cloud, Ensemble Cloudlet can reduce backhauling costs, ensure low latency and manage security and privacy to meet data sovereignty

Cloudlet Management

Remotely manages and administers thousands of clouds

Head Nodes

Create MANO tunnels, provide cloud controller and compute resources

Compute Nodes

Provides cloud compute resources. Access MANO through tunnels of Head Nodes



Edge Computer Server


1U Compute Sled



P4 Switch Sled



P4 Switch Sled

HMB-E100A_front   HMB-E200A_front   HLM-E110A_front
  • Intel Ice Lake CPU
  • FHHL PCIe by 16
  • OCP NIC 3.0
  • Intel Ice Lake CPU
  • PCIE FH3/4L Double Width 
  • OCP NIC 3.0
  • Intel Tofino P4 ASICS
  • 6x 100G, 8x 10/25G SFP+ 
  • Optional IEEE 1588


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