In the section of LEAP™ Technology Demo, Lanner will showcase the latest proof-of-concept (PoC) created collaboratively with the world’s leading academic institutions and solution partners. The technology demonstration would allow you to remotely access to the practical ideas realized for enterprise network security, SD-WAN virtualization and 5G edge cloud. 

Join in to LEAP in to the cloud and let us skyrocket you to the edge!

Intel – CyberSecurity Demonstration

To enable customers to build applications and validate security features for future technology, Lanner works with Intel to showcase the hardware cybersecurity features enabled by Intel technology. In this demo, we demonstrate how Lanner network appliance integrated with SGX, TME and other security features can protect application & data in use from digital/physical threat, run VMs / applications in multiple security domains simultaneously, and perform multi-party analytics with data, model, and results protection.


128 Technology – Session-smart Retail SD-WAN Solution

128 Technology and Lanner have partnered to bring optimized SD-WAN solutions to deliver a transport agnostic solution – combining MPLS and VPN services, 4G LTE, and legacy T1 services on a uCPE platform. Pairing Lanner's uCPE NCA-1515 with 128 Technology's Session Smart router software has resulted in a flexible and agile SD-WAN solution. The solution is ideal for providing dynamic services and on-demand network functions that require virtualization-ready uCPE platforms. Both solutions paired together address the challenges associated with bandwidth optimization and on-demand network function deployments.



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