Technology Building Blocks


Lanner appliances are protected with firmware/BIOS-based security features, offering the integrated crypto keys, BIOS authentication and firmware security vulnerability testing to enable service providers embrace WAN efficiency without compromising on security.

Lanner’s Hybrid Telecommunications Computing Architecture (HybridTCA) is created to meet the challenging requirements for carrier-grade network control, cloud computing and data center. The unique technology has advantages over the AdvancedTCA infrastructure in aspects of hardware design, customization options and cost/energy efficiency.

Bypass ports allow uninterrupted network traffic even if a single in-line appliance is shut down or hangs. Lanner’s engineers have improved on standard bypass functionality to provide higher reliability and greater control.

Enhance the performance and bandwidth of your network appliance according to your needs with these front-facing and easily swapped modules. Choose from over 20 different Ethernet network modules, including RJ-45 copper, fiber, bypass and speeds from 1GbE to 10Gbps.

COM Express® R2.0 compatible Computer-On-Modules (COM) that offer support for system expansion and application-specific customizations, these COMs are designed to work with evaluation boards, making available embedded solutions that are highly customizable and flexible.

Embedded appliances designed to withstand harsh settings and extreme weathers must be operable within a wide operating temperature, a range between -40 ℃ to +75 ℃ is typically expected.

Lanner commits itself to delivering complete, cost-effective solutions customized to clients' specific needs. We provide frontline technical products for industry-leading name brands coupled with quality service. Our thorough understanding of market nuances stems from 30 years of experience across a variety of vertical markets and makes us a first-choice vendor for numerous ODM customers.