Lanner is proud to offer the Early Access Testing Program featuring the latest network appliances with the next-gen Intel processor and advanced networking technology.

With our Early Access Testing Program, you'll have the opportunity to run your software on our pre-release network platform, and get instant feedback on its performance. This will allow you to identify and address any issues early on in the development process, ensuring that your final product is of the highest quality.

Early-access Testing: ECA-5540 Open RAN appliance with Intel Sapphire Rapids EE

Lanner's ECA-5540 offers a scalable, high-performance platform specifically designed for distributed/centralized RAN deployments and enables operators to enable multi-access edge computing and services with ease.

Featuring short depth chassis, front access IO design, the ECA-5540 is powered by the latest 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, codenamed Sapphire Rapids EE, equipped with Intel vRAN boost and QAT crypto acceleration for improved virtualization performance and power efficiency. It also supports max. 1024GB DDR5 memory, OCP 3.0 NIC module, dual PCIe expansion, secure BMC/TPM 2.0, allowing operators to build secure, high-speed connections between baseband units and remote radio units.

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