LAN Bypass

Bypass ports allow uninterrupted network traffic even if a single in-line appliance is shut down or hangs. Lanner’s engineers have improved on standard bypass functionality to provide higher reliability and greater control.

Redundant Power Supplies

Many top-of-the-line network appliances utilize dual power supplies to ensure a constant flow of power. These appliances need to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every failure, no matter the length of time is equal to lost dollars. Therefore, smart network maintenance experts utilize dual power supplies, often attached to different sources of power to make sure these appliances never fail.

Hot-Swappable System Fans

Hot-swappable technology is vitally important to the networking industry, where downtime is costly and tarnishes reputations. Fans are usually the first thing to fail in any computer or dedicated appliance due to their mechanical nature and constant use. Many Lanner appliances have a series of fans along the back face that cool the entire system.

Multiple POE Ports

The design of multiple PoE ports enables our systems to function as mobile NVRs when connected with IP surveillance cameras for real-time recording.

Power Ignition Control

A user-friendly Power Ignition Control is programmed to start and shut down the vehicle computer when the engine is started or turned off respectively. The feature detects the ignition signal status and allows users to control the on/off delay time setting through the Ignition System Manager (ISM) software utility.

Multi-SIM Connectivity

Support Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE modules and antenna for wireless network connectivity. The LVC/LVR vehicle computers usually feature multiple SIM slots, which allow users to change or install a multiple SIM cards to roam in European countries.