Human resource policy

Lanner believes that an "interesting life" is just as important as "professional achievement." To create a high-quality environment that balances career development with the quality of life, Lanner has drawn up a human resources policy centered around balanced development so that employees can enjoy their work and be satisfied with their lives.

  • The right people in the right place: Determine the number and caliber of people needed, and work actively to cultivate internationalized expertise.
  • Introduction of competency management: Provide reasonable compensation linked to the "performance evaluation" system.
  • Performance-oriented management: Combine the "behavioral" and "outcome"aspects during evaluation to provide objective performance management.
  • Dual career tracks: Develop learning road maps and employee attributes based on competency management. Cultivate top talents along either the "technical professional" or "business management" tracks.

Lanner believes that every employee has the potential to bring the company more energy and growth. In the future, the partnership between employees and the company will continue to maximize the returns for individuals, the organization, shareholders and customers so everyone can share in the results.

Compensation and benefits that inspire

Lanner provides a competitive standard of compensation. To motivate employees, salaries are adjusted in April each year based on employees' performance and the company's overall performance. We have drawn up a rewards system filled with incentives that include the annual bonus, profit-sharing bonus, production performance bonus, R&D project bonus, and sales target bonus. Employees that work hard to perform well are rewarded accordingly. Employee salaries were adjusted in 2017 based on the consumer price index, prevailing market rates and their past performance. Average salary increase was 3%.

We believe in the importance of balancing work and life. We therefore enforce (1)

Weekly overtime hours ≤5%, (2) no more than 60 work hours in each week, and (3) 1 day off for every 6 days of work.

In accordance with the "Rules Governing Organization of Employees' Welfare

Committee" issued by the Ministry of Labor Affairs, Lanner formed an Employee

Welfare Committee made up of representatives nominated by each department to oversee the funding of our employee welfare committee and organize employee benefits.

The following benefits are provided at Lanner.

  • Insurance: Employees are enrolled in Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance as required by law. They are also entitled to free company insurance, travel insurance on business trips, and pension contributions of 6%.
  • Attendance: 5-day work week and working hours that comply with the Labor Standards Act.
  • Overtime: Overtime is calculated in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.
  • Benefits: Gifts (vouchers) for the three festivals (Labor Day, Dragonboat Festival,
  • Mid-Autumn Festival), birthday gift money (coupon), and payments for marriage/ funerals/celebrations.
  • Activities: End of year banquet and prize draw, annual domestic/overseas company holidays, travel subsidies.
  • Gathering: Quarterly departmental gathering fund.
  • Training: Comprehensive in-service training (common courses, specialist courses, management courses) for employees and e-learning platform.
  • Health: Annual health exams and on-site nursing staff to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of employees.
  • Clubs: Employees are encouraged to achieve a balance between work and leisure.

The pension system is 100% compliant with local labor laws.

Lanner makes a pension contribution equal to 2% of the total salary each month in accordance with the Labor Standards Act (this is for the "old" pension system). An employee pension fund supervision committee has also been set up to supervise the fund. From July 1, 2015 onwards, due to the introduction of the Labor Pension Statute ("new" system), new employees after that date or employees under the old system that decide to switch over to the new system, a pension contribution no less than 6% of their monthly salary is now deposited by the company into their personal pension account.

Occupational safety management

To ensure the safety of all employees at work, we have set up a dedicated team and management system in accordance with the Environment Healthy Safety (EHS) policy. Rigorous policies, procedures and management standards have been adopted for the promotion of occupational safety within the company. We have now been certified on the OHSAS 18001 occupational safety and health management system for ensuring the proper implementation of continuous improvements to occupational safety measures.

Ensuring the safety of high-risk workers

Lanner takes safety precautions for workers exposed to high occupational risk as defined under the regulations governing "operations that pose a special hazard to health" section. This includes employees working with ionizing radiation, dust and N-Hexane (organic solvent). Personnel involved in high-risk operations must undergo special physical exams before work; current workers must undergo special exams every year. Interviews with the plant physician are organized for those listed for level 2 health management. In 2017, special health exams were conducted for 26 employees including 7 for those working with ionizing radiation, 3 for dust operations and 20 for N-Hexane operations.

Establish open channels of communication

We have not established a union but we engage in bilateral communication and collective bargaining through labor-management meetings on a regular basis in accordance with labor laws. Quarterly labor-management meetings are also convened in accordance with Article 83 of the "Labor Standards Act" and "Labor-Management Meeting Enforcement Regulations." Extraordinary meetings can also be convened if necessary. The meetings are used to discuss issues such as promotion of labor management cooperation, negotiation of labor-management relations, changes of working conditions, and planning on employee benefits.