Today’s solutions are simply not smart and powerful enough to protect your company from outages and threats. Lanner partners with Roqos, an SD-WAN and Internet security company, to offer whitebox uCPE platforms that provide cybersecurity, employee controls, VPN, always-on and easy to manage networking.

Roqos Core 150 (NCA-1515) and the Roqos Core 1000 (NCA-2510) are Cybersecurity SD-WAN Appliances leveraging Lanner Whiteboxes to provide secure VPN and Cellular Service. The whitebox uCPEs can deliver following benefits:

  • Secure Internet in Public WiFi
  • Company wide VPN support for remote locations
  • Connectivity of multiple locations with support of NAT, Carrier Grade NAT (CG-NAT) and LTE using Roqos patent pending technology
  • Remote Manageability using Roqos Cloud Operating Management System (OMS)

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The combination of LTE connectivity, public WiFi connectivity and secure VPN connectivity provides a versatile deployment model. It can be used as a corporate branch office appliance to interconnect remote office branches or remote “Work from Home” location with secure fixed and LTE network connectivity. Other use cases can be a deployment as an IoT Gateway to connect smart censoring devices in applications like smart farming in rural locations with limited fixed networking connectivity as well security and video surveillance acting as a secure gateway.


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