AI-powered Computing Platforms for Level 2 to Level 4 Autonomous Driving

Recent technological advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision have enabled manufacturers to greatly increase self-driving capability in vehicles. One of the key challenges of autonomous driving technology is to process large amount of data gathered from the sensors with ultra-low latency, which requires a reliable edge computing system to enhance the performance of perception and prediction algorithms.

Lanner onboard computers are optimized for safety, reliability and high availability, providing the computing power and AI acceleration to process data from multi-sensors, including sensors, LiDARs, radars and cameras. We commit to offering AI-accelerated computing solutions that enable real-time data processing in commercial autonomous vehicle, such as taxi and freight trucks, autonomous mobile robots, or even heavy-duty vehicles like mining trucks or farm tractors.






Real-time edge computing

Low-latency networking

State-of-the-art Reliability

Intel® Xeon® compute platform
Intel Atom ADAS platform
Nvidia Jetson/Hailo-8 AI Accelerator

PCIe 5.0 High bandwidth
Integrated High-speed Switching
10Base-T1S SPE Integration

DDR5 memory down
AEC-Q100 certified components
Liquid cooling design




ISO 26262 Certification

Lanner Electronics Inc. today announced that it has attained ISO 26262 certification for automotive functional safety, and reinforcing its initiative in developing edge compute platforms for autonomous driving systems. As one of the first industrial computer companies to be certified for ISO 26262, Lanner commits to bringing their AI-accelerated edge computing hardware solutions that enhance the performance of perception, prediction algorithms for autonomous driving systems.


Usage Scenario


Autonomous Mobile Robots for Warehouse


Commercial Autonomous Mowing


Autonomous Driving Mining Vehicles


Robotaxi Autonomous Driving System 



Edge AI Computers for Autonomous Vehicles









  • NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX/Jetson Nano
  • AI Performance Up To 21 TOPS
  • 384-core NVIDIA Volta GPU With 48 Tensor Cores
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® CPU (Sapphire Rapids) compute platform
  • Intel Atom CPU (Denverton-AD) ADAS platform
  • DDR5 memory down design