Empowering AI in Cybersecurity with Appliances and Accelerators

In the rapidly evolving landscape of network security, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer. By employing advanced algorithms and machine learning, AI-powered network security has ushered in a new era of proactive defense, enabling real-time threat detection, adaptive responses, and predictive analytics. This fusion of AI and network security equips service providers with the intelligence needed to combat the dynamic nature of modern cyber threats.

Specializing in providing network security hardware solutions, Lanner stands as a vanguard pioneering the fusion of advanced network appliances and accelerators that empower AI-driven network security with unparalleled efficiency, performance, and scalability. By seamlessly integrating these dedicated hardware solutions, Lanner's AI-powered network appliances enable service providers with the horsepower needed to process colossal volumes of data, enabling AI algorithms to swiftly discern anomalies, predict threats, and fortify defenses in real time.




OT Security





GPU Accelerator

Lanner provides high-performance network security appliances powered by GPU accelerators, enabling a spectrum of security applications that leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning. From real-time anomaly detection and behavioral analytics to automated responses and predictive threat identification, these network appliances embody the forefront of cutting-edge technology, ensuring the resilience and protection of your IT and OT networks.


IT Security

Lanner Network Appliance


Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series




OT Security

Lanner Wide-temp Network Appliance


NVIDIA® L4 Tensor Core GPU





FPGA Accelerator

Lanner and Napatech are collaborating to address these challenges by integrating Napatech’s SmartNIC-based solutions for high-speed data capture into Lanner’s NCA-5540 1U network appliances. These integrated solutions provide an ideal platform for hosting enterprise security software in scenarios that require maximum throughput, capacity, density and/or energy efficiency.


Lanner Network Appliance


Napatech Smart NIC Card





NIC Accelerator

Lanner is at the forefront of AI-powered network security, offering NIC accelerators that redefine defense capabilities. These accelerators enable critical tasks—from NGINX offloading to SSL, DDoS, and DPI handling—and scale IPSec for SASE. With the ability to power SASE and firewall operations on module, Lanner accelerators epitomize speed, scalability, and agility in safeguarding digital infrastructure. They mark a new era where AI-driven security not only anticipates but proactively mitigates threats swiftly and precisely.

Intel NetSec Acceleration Card


NVIDIA Bluefield DPU Card



  • Intel Atom® P5742 Processor (Codenamed Phantom Lake)
  • 1x 100GbE QSFP28 Or 4x 25GbE SFP28
  • Intel® QuickAssist Technology


  • Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx Controller & ARM CPU
  • 2x 100GbE QSFP56 Ports
  • 2x Gen4 PCIe*8 Golden Finger With 1x PCIe*16 Signal