Product details

  • 8x Intel Skylake SP CPUs
  • 2x Switch, 1x Storage Blade
  • NEBS compliant design
High Availability Chassis 4U Telecom Network Appliance with 4 x86 CPU Blades and 2x Switch blades for redundancy, Storage blades with 10x NVMe SSD or Network blades

  • High availability, full redundancy and extreme high performance
  • 4 compute blades in the rear, per blade supports up to dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake-SP) CPUs and 16x DDR4 R-DIMM
  • Upper 2 slots: 2x switch blades in upper two slots for redundancy or 2x Ethernet blades
  • Bottom 2 slots: Storage blades with 10x NVMe SSD in bottom two slots or up to 2x Ethernet blades
  • Max. up to 80 ports 10G SFP+ Ethernet ports (4x Ethernet blades)
  • N+N Redundant power supply and removable fan module
  • NEBS compliant design

Available Blades



Building upon the heritage of the HTCA-6200, the HTCA-6400 is designed with four CPU blades and four network I/O blades. Each of the CPU blades are empowered by two 2nd Generation Intel® Scalable Xeon® processors and sixteen DDR4 R-DIMM sockets, offering extreme performance and processing power. To efficiently control and allocate load-balance, the system is built with a Broadcom StrataXGS™ Trident-III BCM56770 with 2.0Tbps. The Tomahawk BCM56960 with 3.2Tbps fabric capacity is also an available option to provide 100GbE connectivity. The new HLM-1100 is a programmable switch blade that features Tofino P4 programmable Ethernet switch ASICs for improved performance.

The design concept of HybridTCA™ revolves around an all-in-one carrier-grade chassis with integrated multi-node compute, networking, and storage. The advantages of this concept include modular flexibility, full component redundancy, and extreme performance. Offering fast read/write speeds and low-latency with NVMe drives, the HTCA-6400 has built in scalability to meet data-intensive workloads, such as CDN (Content Delivery Networks).

A HLM-1021 2 port 100GbE QSFP28 + 16 25/10GbE SFP28 + 4 10GbE RJ45
A HLM-1030 6 port 100GbE QSFP28 + 4 40GbE QSFP+ + 16 10GbE SFP+, IEEE 1588 expansion module (By SKU)
A HLM-1001 20 port 10GbE SFP+ Ethernet network interface blade HLM-1001
A HLM-1101 14x 100GbE QSFP28 Intel Tofino Programmable Switch Blade for HTCA-6600 Series with Control board(HMB-1010) HLM-1101
A HDM-1006 Support up to 6* NVME 2.5" storage HDM-1006
B HMB-6130 x86 compute node with 2x 4th Gen intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors HMB-6110A_front
B HMB-6110 x86 compute node with 2 x Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family HMB-6110


CPU Options Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family
Frequency Depending on CPU
Core Number Depending on CPU
Chipset Intel C627 Chipset
Technology Six-channel DDR4 (Registered)
Max. Capacity 512GB (Registered) per M/B tray
Socket Up to 16 x 288-pin DIMM per M/B tray
Switch Blade
Switch Fabric Depending on Switch blade specification
Speed Depending on Switch blade specification
Interface Depending on Switch blade specification
Ethernet Blade (HLM-1001)
Controller XL710
Speed 10Gbps
Interface Up to 20 x SFP+
Type SATA III, 6Gb/s per port
Installation Onboard 8 x 2.5” swappable drive bays
Reset Button Yes
Console 1 x RJ45
USB 1 x type A
IPMI OPMA socket to support IPMI (IAC-AST2500)
Processor CPU heatsinks with fan duct
System 5 x hot-swappable cooling fan sets with smart fan control for each computing blade
Operating/Storage Temperature 0 ~ 40ºC /-20 ~ 70ºC
Relative Humidity 5% ~ 90%, non-condensing
LCD Module 2 x 20 characters
Watchdog Yes
Internal RTC with Li Battery Yes
Dimension (W x H x D) 438 x 177 x 685.8 mm
Weight TBD
Mounting Rack mount
Type / Watts AC 2000 watt N+N Redundant /each
DC 1600 watt N+N Redundant /each
PM bus support, up to 4 PSU slots
Input AC 220~240V
DC -36~-72V
OS Support
Linux Linux Cent OS 7.2 or above
EMC CE Class A, FCC Class A

Order Information

HTCA-6400B HybridTCA™ high-performance chassis 4U telecom network appliance with 4 CPU blades with 8 x Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors + 8 bays for 2.5” HDDs with 4 I/O blades slots


All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice