Empowering Private 5G Solutions for Edge Cloud Infrastructure

As the demand for seamless connectivity continues to rise, the integration of private 5G solutions into edge cloud infrastructure has become increasingly imperative. By empowering private 5G solutions within edge cloud environments, organizations can unlock a myriad of opportunities to optimize their operations, streamline workflows, and deliver transformative experiences to their users.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with private 5G infrastructure, Lanner offers a comprehensive range of scalable edge servers that are purpose-built to deliver the processing power, AI acceleration, and connectivity required to enable low-latency edge computing applications for SD-WAN, DDoS security, and content delivery.


MWC 2024


Lanner has announced its participation in Mobile World Congress 2024 to unveil its cutting-edge Scalable Edge Servers designed specifically for next-gen Private Networks and Open RAN.

Come visit us at booth #5C86 and learn how Lanner can help you accelerate the time-to-market for edge cloud applications.




Multi-Node Edge Cloud

Relying on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for worldwide SD-WAN services proved too costly and less efficient for their specific needs. Seeking a more tailored solution for SD-WAN Hub, Lanner collaborated with Adtran to create a multi-node edge cloud solution that would not only reduce costs but also enhance performance and reliability at on-premises and network edge locations.

The implementation involved deploying the Lanner HTCA-E400 edge servers at strategic on-premises and network edge locations, integrated with Adtran’s Ensemble Cloudlet software. By transitioning from AWS to a more tailored and efficient edge computing solution, there was a decrease in operational expenses, offering enhanced performance and unparalleled scalability.

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Content Delivery

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system of geographically distributed servers that aim to decentralize cloud computing to deliver online content faster. However, the traditional CDN is not workload-optimized and cannot be tailored for specific services. The next generation of cloud-based visual content, such as online gaming, requires high computational workloads at the network edge for seamless media processing like compression and transcoding.

Lanner has collaborated with Intel to build a MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) platform, combining Lanner's edge server ECA-5540, Intel's Data Center GPU Flex Series, and Intel's Converged Edge Media Platform cloud-native software. This MEC solution aims to enable a smooth, ultra-low-latency online gaming experience with GPU acceleration, open-source libraries and tools, and a container-based, cloud-native architecture







Edge DDoS Security

Deploying DDoS prevention at the edge, instead of relying solely on cloud-based solutions, offers organizations immediate threat mitigation advantages. Edge-based DDoS prevention reduces latency and provides a quicker response to emerging threats.

Lanner collaborated with Arrcus to offer a scalable and programmable MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) solution that integrates Arrcus Connected Edge™, a hyperscale networking software, and Lanner's Edge Server HTCA-E400. The MEC solution allows service providers to deploy security services closer to devices and users. Some of its key benefits include ultra-low latency, enhanced security, and backhaul cost savings.

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Low-latency Mixed Reality

Private 5G networks provide low-latency, high-speed connections, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication between MR devices and the control center. Combining private 5G networks with mixed reality in critical infrastructure inspection offers transformative synergy that helps enterprises quickly identify potential issues, accelerate decision-making, and prevent costly downtime.

Lanner provides edge servers ECA-4035 and ECA-5540 designed to integrate DU/CU Server and 5G Core server in one platform, helping service providers quickly deploy 5G private networks that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety. Additionally, they enhance the reliability and security of their communication networks.

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Featured Products


Open RAN Appliance

  • Intel® Xeon® D2700/2800 8~22 Cores
  • 4x DDR4 3200/2933MHz REG RDIMM, Max. 256GB
  • 8x 10G SFP+, 2x 25G SFP28, 2x GbE RJ45, 2x USB 3.0


Wide-temp DU/CU Server

  • 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • Intel vRAN Boost Support
  • Short Depth Chassis and Front I/O Design


Multi-node MEC Server

  • Carrier-grade, full redundancy and extreme high performance
  • 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor with AI Acceleration
  • Support 5x 1U compute sleds or 2x 2U+1U compute sleds