Lanner Electronics Inc., recognized globally for its proficiency in producing and disseminating network appliances and resilient computing solutions, has unveiled the EAI-R530, a rackmount Edge AI computer tailored for rail video analytics systems. This advanced appliance enables seamless integration with onboard sensors and devices, facilitating local processing of large data volumes for critical functions like obstacle detection and collision avoidance in rail environments.

The EAI-R530 is powered by the 13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor (codenamed Raptor Lake), boasting 28 performance cores and 16 efficient cores, alongside a maximum 64GB DDR5 memory capacity, and integrated Intel® UHD Graphics. This cutting-edge computing solution is further enhanced with built-in AI accelerators, such as the Hailo-8™ AI accelerator and compatibility with NVIDIA MXM GPU cards, ensuring optimal performance for AI-driven applications and workloads.

This rackmount Edge AI computer is engineered as a rugged computer with an IP40 rating, ensuring resilience against dust and water ingress. Operating seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, this fanless computing solution adheres to stringent MIL-STD-810G military standards. Moreover, it has obtained multiple certifications for railway applications, including EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4, EN50125-3, EN45545-2, EN50124-1, and EN61373, affirming its suitability and safety for deployment in railway settings.

The EAI-530 facilitates network failover with multiple 5G, LTE, and WiFi connectivity options. It supports up to four 5G/LTE connections via dedicated PGN modules and two more through onboard M.2 sockets with SIM card slots. Additionally, it enables WiFi communication between trains and control centers via the M.2 socket. These features ensure dependable connectivity for vital railway operations.

This Edge AI appliance boasts a comprehensive array of I/O features designed to enhance connectivity and functionality. It includes 4x 2.5G LAN, plus 2x 2.5G LAN with PoE+ support, all protected by M-12 connectors. The EAI-530 also features the 2x HDMI, 2x USB3.2, 1x USB 2.0, console port, and M-12 protected DC input with support for 24~120v. On the button you can find 4x PGN slot for 5Gor LTE connectivity, and 2x 2.5” SSD drive bays.

The EAI-R530 is now available for evaluation and purchase. For more information or to request a product demonstration, please visit Lanner's official website.

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