Lanner, the associate member of Intel® Internet of Things, expands its family of Bay Trail powered hardware solutions to include the LEC-7330, the LEC-2430, the LEC-2530, the LEC-7230 and the LEC-7230L. Each of these box PCs comes with its unique designs and built-in features.

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These appliances offer I/O features for video, audio, network and serial functions; they also support USB 3.0, Low-powered DDR3/L and VGA/HDMI display. Both are ideal solutions for efficient imaging workflows, digital signage with secure content delivery, visual appealing interactive clients (i.e. interactive kiosks, intelligent vending, ATM and POS terminals) and industrial control systems.

Intel®'s Bay Trail SoC is known for its significantly improved computing performance and greatly optimized power efficiency. Benchmark tests for processor performance and power consumption show that the Intel® Celeron® J1900 CPU outperforms its predecessor (Intel® Atom™ N2800) by 310% while maintaining the same level of power efficiency.

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