Scalable MEC Appliances Accelerate 5G Edge Deployment

The rapid growth of Multi-access Networking Computing (MEC) has enabled numerous innovations in the space of 5G networks, which drives service agility to the edge cloud as the disaggregation of CORD facilitates the virtualization of BNG, security, load balancing and SRv6 Service Chaining. Through multi-vendor compatibility, pre-validated MEC platforms provide dynamic scalability and low-latency communications and assisted with high performance AI computing.

To enable flexible hardware and software implementations for scalable, cost-effective 5G edge cloud deployments, Lanner collaborates with eco-system partners like Noviflow to develop COTS-based, modular MEC network platforms, which consolidate multi-node compute, P4 programmable switching, and GPU acceleration in one system. Lanner’s MEC platforms meet Communications Service Providers (CSPs) cost and efficiency demands for distributed edge cloud.


TCO Advantage

Lanner MEC platforms fully consolidate high-performance computing, high-speed switching fabric and massive storage into an all-in-one programmable hyper-converged platform. As a result, the platform had to lower TCO and reduce CAPEX and OPEX. What’s more, it needed to be NEBS-ready for high availability applications and offer terabit capacity networking with programmable telemetry in silicon.


Scalable Firewall

Firewalls are the state-of-the-art first line of defense for edge-based applications, but to be successful in these newer and more dynamic environments requires firewall solutions that are both agile and elastically scalable. Lanner has partnered with Noviflow and key industry players to assemble an all-in-one MEC-server solution with the agility and performance required for high-performance edge data protection.


SRv6 Segment Routing

Lanner MEC platforms provides high-performance, large-scale and dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 routing solutions for service providers. To enable segment routing over IPv6 (SRv6)/Sr-MPLS that provides packet processing fulfillment and load balancing, Lanner has joined forces with a leading vendor Noviflow to provide high-performance security network fabric and programmable network solutions for SDNs.


Virtual BNG

Lanner collaborates with netElastic and Noviflow to deploy virtual BNG function with Lanner MEC platforms, which separate the control plane and data plane, with the control plane running the network operating system on a virtual machine containing a comprehensive suite of network service functions. The data plane runs the packet-forwarding engine, enabling line-rate data transfer.


Edge AI Inferencing

As IoT devices at the customer premises can leverage basic AI functions for video processing, further analytics requires an open and scalable MEC platform to enable accelerated AI workloads at the service provider edge. Lanner provides hyper-converged MEC server that consolidate compute, storage and AI acceleration in one platform designed for AI parallel processing required in sophisticated video analytics.


Use Cases

  • Delivering 5G Low-Latency
    Applicationsat the Edge with
    Scalable MEC Platforms

  • Scalable Edge Cloud Solutions
    Empower IPv6 Segment Routing
    for 5G Network Automation

  • Programmable Network Platform
    Empowers Scalable Firewall
    for the Network Edge

  • Protecting Critical
    Infrastructure Using
    Network Edge AI Platform