London, United Kingdoms, July 9th, 2024 – M2M Enterprise, a leading value-added Distributor for Open Networking Hardware & Software Solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of network appliances and edge servers. The collaboration brings together M2M Enterprise's expertise in delivering open, programmable solutions with Lanner's extensive portfolio of hardware products tailored for telco edge computing and virtualization, such SD-WAN, MEC, Open RAN, 5G Private Networks.

M2M Enterprise is dedicated to delivering Open Hardware & Software Solutions, empowering customers and partners to take ownership and programmability of their technology. By combining Lanner’s open hardware platforms alongside a vetted network of on-site support partners, M2M Enterprise enables Service Providers to scale competitively in markets that demand agility in all facets of telecom infrastructure.

Lanner is known for its comprehensive, interoperable hardware solutions for telco edge computing, covering whitebox uCPE, DU/CU servers, Open RAN appliances, and multi-node Edge Servers. These purpose-built hardware platforms enable telco service providers to achieve greater time-to-market efficiency and performance scalability in their service deployment.

The partnership between M2M Enterprise and Lanner Electronics is further is reinforced by their joint efforts to integrate a comprehensive hardware portfolio with market-leading ISVs, such as NoviFlow, NetElastic, FlexiWan & Nybsys. This integration allows for the seamless compatibility and support for virtualized workloads and telecom applications across diverse environments.

"Our collaboration with M2M Enterprise aligns perfectly with our vision for

combining our expertise in edge computing hardware with system integration capabilities.," said Geoffrey Egger, General Manager at Lanner Electronics Europe. "Together, we are committed to advancing innovation in network disaggregation and service virtualization, aiming to leveraging the open hardware and software solutions, without being constrained by vendor lock-in."

About M2M Enterprise

M2M Enterprise is a leading provider of Open Hardware & Software Solutions, dedicated to empowering customers with ownership and programmability of their technology. With a focus on agility and scalability, M2M Enterprise enables Telcos & Service Providers to thrive in dynamic markets.

About Lanner Electronics

Lanner Electronics Inc (TAIEX 6245) is a world-leading provider of design, engineering, and manufacturing services for network computing appliances and edge servers for system integrators, service providers, and application developers. For more information, please visit