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New Taipei City and Tel Aviv, September 6th 2022   MOV.AI  and Lanner Electronics announced today the integration of Lanner’s Edge AI computing appliance, MOV.AI’s Robotics Engine PlatformTM, and the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform. The integration provides Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) manufacturers and automation integrators with a robust platform that speeds up development, improves operational efficiency and optimizes robot performance in dynamic industrial environments.

Today sees the release of the NCA-1525, a desktop network appliance powered by Intel® Atom® C5325/C5315 (codenamed Parker Ridge) CPU.

The NCA-1525 features Intel® Atom® C5325/C5315 CPU and Intel QuickAssist Technology, delivering cryptographic acceleration and commercial-grade LAN functions for boosted network responsiveness and airtight network security.

The versatility of SD-WAN uCPE platforms provides new opportunities for innovation given its ability to be deployed in varying environments and new levels of performance and availability to mobile-based business applications by bonding 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, or VSAT connectivity. The demand for SD-WAN stems from mobile-based business use cases that are driving the need for specialized, managed, cloud-based services and expanding to industries such as emergency support services, on-site construction management, remote logistics management, edge analytics, IoT, and edge computing.

Lanner’s Edge AI appliances, combined with the Hailo-8™ AI processor, offers the highest performance, lowest power, and most cost-effective edge AI hardware solutions for industrial edge network.

Today’s intelligent transportation is evolving with AIoT technology to enable a smart, secure and efficient method of mobility for everyday life. Modern transportation infrastructure requires an intelligent system that can integrate Edge AI compute and 5G connectivity in a range of ITS applications, such as traffic control and monitoring, V2X communication, autonomous driving and fleet management.


Open and disaggregation have become megatrends for radio access networks (RAN) development in the global 5G industry. Adoption by telcos, particularly in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, will drive Open RAN to about 15% of the overall 2G-5G RAN market by 2026, according to research firm Dell’Oro Group. Open RAN solutions offer flexibility and scalability through the disaggregation of hardware and software, and the utilization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware.

Industrial communication is the reliable transmission of data from the field through to the control level, and requires optimized solutions to ensure efficient communication for enterprises and lay an optimal foundation for digital transformation. Typical wireless connectivity use cases include cable replacement applications, wireless machine access, and mobile industrial equipment. To meet the different requirements of a wide range of applications and ambient conditions, Lanner further strengthens its industrial/commercial-grade gateway product line by adding the IIoT-I330 series.

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