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BIOS startup failure is not uncommon as it occurs oftentimes after power failure, mishandled BIOS update, or a malware attack. When it happens, not only will the recovering procedures be time-consuming, but, in the worst case, will require sending the appliance back to the manufacturer.  

Virtualization is transforming the network industry through enabling increased efficiency and providing unprecedented flexibility, scalability and adaptability in addressing market needs. Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are two key interdependent capabilities accelerating this transformation and when deployed together with edge computing creates virtual or universal customer premises equipment, known as vCPE and uCPE.

Edge computing harnesses computing capabilities closer to the source of data generation, thus attaining low-latency, real-time insights for industrial sectors seeking to make better strategic decisions. The benefits of incorporating computing at the rugged edge are clear, however, when deployed in harsh environments that are challenging to electronic components, a ruggedized industrial computer will have the ability to enable remote control, service agility and data visibility at the edge networks.

On, May 15, The Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) raised the COVID-19 alert for Taipei and New Taipei cities to Level 3 after a record high of daily domestic cases in the past few days. To react to the dramatic increase of domestic COVID-19 cases in Taiwan, Lanner has adopted a number of new policies to make sure employee safety and business operations, beginning May 17, 2021, including: 

The global pandemic has driven the rise of a changing state of society and economy, characterized by “low-touch” contact, work from home and remote management. Integral in this change is through the usage of 5G and WiFi 6, in addition to edge computing, artificial intelligence, and security mechanisms to create a smarter and safer framework to connect enterprises, industries, and consumers.

Public safety professionals require secure and reliable communications to aid them in their lifesaving missions. Law enforcement, fire service, and EMS all need broadband services to access data-intensive applications, search digital databases, share videos and files, and provide timely information.  

Bratislava, Slovakia and New Taipei City, Taiwan, May 11, 2021- Lanner Electronics, a leading uCPE Whitebox Solutions™ provider, today announced that the company has established a partnership with, a research & development software company focused on network technologies and software prototyping, to successfully validate StoneWork all-in-one Cloud Native Functions (CNF) solution on Lanner’s NCA-1515 uCPE Platforms.

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