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Lanner today announced the release of the ECA-4035, an edge computing appliance powered by Intel’s Xeon® D-2700 multi-core processor (codenamed Icelake-D).

This high-performance appliance offers 8~20 cores of computing power and comes with 1x OCP 3.0 and 1x FH 3/4L PCIe that supports 300W GPU cards, making the ECA-4035 an ideal platform for deployment not only as edge AI servers for smart city applications, but also as multi-access edge computing (MEC) servers for 5G edge cloud and open RAN platform for distributed units.

Empowering Next-Generation AI Workloads with Unprecedented Performance, Efficiency and Deployment Flexibility

Taipei, Taiwan, September 5, 2023 – Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of advanced network appliances and edge AI computing platforms, is excited to introduce the new PCIe AI Acceleration Card, Falcon Lite, powered by Hailo-8™ AI processors. The Falcon Lite’s modular PCIe form factor provides a flexible solution for solution providers looking to accelerate edge AI workloads with deployment flexibility and power efficiency.

Lanner Smart NIC modules provide hardware offloads for software-defined networking, security, and management workloads, allowing for maximum performance. It's a powerhouse of programmable accelerators equipped with DPUs and accelerators, enabling service providers to efficiently build and operate virtualized, containerized, and bare-metal infrastructures at a massive scale.

Introducing Lanner's Edge AI bundled solutions: a symphony of innovation where hardware and software converge to redefine progress. With a steadfast focus on the domains of computer vision, traffic video analytics, manufacturing quality assurance, and autonomous mobile robots, the seamless integration of pre-validated, high-performance AI software suites is engineered to propel your projects from concept to reality with unmatched speed.

New Taipei City, Taiwan – August 9, 2023 – Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of network appliances and edge computing platforms, today announced that its edge AI server, ECA-5540, has been validated as an NVIDIA-Certified System for industrial edge computing. The ECA-5540 is designed to accelerate the deployment of AI-driven applications and data-intensive workloads at the network edge, while minimizing latency caused by data transmission to centralized servers in the cloud.

Edge AI servers bring data processing and analysis closer to the source. Deployed at the edge of networks or in proximity to data-generating devices, these servers enable real-time AI inference, low latency, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Edge AI servers excel at processing data locally, minimizing delays caused by data transmission to centralized servers or the cloud.

New Taipei City, July 18, 2023, – Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of intelligent edge computing solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with GoodVision, a prominent provider of advanced video analytics technology. This collaboration aims to deliver innovative real-time Traffic Video Analytics solutions, empowering cities and transportation authorities with enhanced traffic management capabilities.

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