New Taipei City, July 18, 2023, – Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of intelligent edge computing solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with GoodVision, a prominent provider of advanced video analytics technology. This collaboration aims to deliver innovative real-time Traffic Video Analytics solutions, empowering cities and transportation authorities with enhanced traffic management capabilities.

The Real-time Traffic Video Analytics solution features Lanner’s NVIDIA-powered rugged edge AI appliances and GoodVision AI engine. Compatible with existing IP camera, the real-time Traffic Video Analytics solution is designed for analyzing camera streams on the fly, providing traffic monitoring and real-time event detection on roads and junctions.

Lanner's robust and scalable edge computing platforms, combined with Good Vision's state-of-the-art video analytics software, will enable the deployment of high-performance traffic management systems. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms, these solutions will provide accurate and real-time insights into traffic patterns, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, pedestrian tracking, and other critical aspects of traffic management.

The LEC-2290E is a rugged edge AI appliance specifically designed for service providers in the transportation industry, equipped with the powerful NVIDIA® A2 Tensor Core GPU. This cutting-edge GPU configuration ensures optimal performance, enabling accelerated AI-based video and data analytics. With its NVIDIA certification, the LEC-2290E delivers a highly efficient platform that empowers service providers to enhance their AI capabilities in traffic video analytics.

With GoodVision you can monitor traffic 24/7 and adjust traffic controllers in real-time with the most precise traffic data ever. Obtain just-in-time data about traffic volumes, vehicle events and violations. GoodVision’s live traffic analytics converts your road-side cameras to an ultimate traffic control system!

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"Collaborating with GoodVision aligns perfectly with our vision of enabling edge AI computing for transportation," said Jeans Tseng, CTO of Lanner Electronics. "Together, we will leverage our expertise to provide real-time traffic video analytics solutions that help city authorities achieve more efficient traffic flow, improved safety, and a better quality of life for their residents."

‘’Our partnership with Lanner represents a significant milestone for GoodVision. By joining forces, we can deliver even greater value to our customers providing them with a comprehensive end-to-end solution that combines cutting-edge video analytics software with best-in-class hardware. Together, we aim to set new industry standards and drive innovation in the field of intelligent real time road traffic analytics.’’ (Lukas Hruby, CTO at GoodVision)

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