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Today’s intelligent transportation is evolving with AI-based edge computing technology to enable a smart, secure and efficient method of mobility for everyday life. As a leading hardware solution provider, Lanner provides full range of rugged compute platforms designed for edge AI computing and communication in various vehicles, from electric smart bus, self-driving trucks, to subway and maritime transport. With unique designs for applications in the transportation industry, Lanner AI-based edge platforms features industry-leading reliability, shock/vibration resistance, wireless connectivity and rich I/O interface.


Lanner today announced two new Industrial Grade PCIe Expansion Cards LEK-IG401 & LEK-IS401 to its Extension Modules Series. The LEK-IG401 comes with four GbE RJ45 LAN ports and is driven by Intel i210IT Ethernet controller, while the LEK-IS401 is powered by Intel i210IS and equipped with four GbE SFP ports.

Time synchronization is an essential element of networking that is often overlooked. In Today’s network-connected world, precise clock synchronization over vast global distances has become an imperative requirement by telecommunication services, industrial automation, networked measurement and control systems and applications. In order to further increase bandwidth requirements, a shift in the adoption of backhaul technologies in the wireless industry have also driven the need for a packet-based infrastructure.

Significance results have shown the advantages of smart factory including increased levels of productivity, better collaboration across separate functional areas, easier maintenance, and faster recognition of defects, however, there is also an expansion of new risks and challenges. The increase of industrial control system (ICS) endpoints in remote access operational technology further expands the attack surface and creates potential vulnerability for cyber-related incidents.

The Telco Cloud presents a fundamental evolution in the way carriers operate, perform, and manage, from leveraging technologies, such as NFV, SDN, AI, automation to deploying virtualization and programmable infrastructure to adopting cloud business practices. With the continued expansion of 5G and edge technology, the mobile network enables deployment of applications close to the edge to improve latency and higher bandwidth.

Lanner today announced the addition of the NCS2-IXM803A and the NCS2-IXM415A to its F.A.S.T. selection of NIC modules. The NCS2-IXM803A comes with eight 10GbE SFP28 ports and is driven by Intel E810-CAM2 Ethernet controller while the NCS2-IXM415A, powered by Intel E810-CAM1,  is equipped with four 25GbE or 10GbE SFP28 ports.

New Taipei City, Taiwan. August 24, 2021. Lanner Electronics and ADVA and today announced that the Lanner’s NCA-4025 is now verified as an Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector, giving communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises a simple and cost-efficient route to virtualization at the network edge. In addition, ADVA’s Ensemble Connector is available preinstalled on a variety of Lanner’s leading network appliances, so customers can select from a range of workload-optimized solutions that deliver the full benefits of network functions virtualization (NFV). Lanner’s NCA-4025 and ADVA’s Ensemble Connector will power uCPE deployments with advanced encryption performance, secure SD-WAN services and robust network protection for operators rolling out uCPE at scale.

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