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Industrial communication is the reliable transmission of data from the field through to the control level, and requires optimized solutions to ensure efficient communication for enterprises and lay an optimal foundation for digital transformation. Typical wireless connectivity use cases include cable replacement applications, wireless machine access, and mobile industrial equipment. To meet the different requirements of a wide range of applications and ambient conditions, Lanner further strengthens its industrial/commercial-grade gateway product line by adding the IIoT-I330 series.

The LEC-2290H, a LEC-2290 variant, is a robust box PC powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-8700 (Codenamed Coffee Lake S) CPU. Designed for Edge computing, the LEC-2290H’s functionality, performance and ease of deployment have all been thoroughly tested for AI frameworks and virtualized disaggregated 5G-ready network architecture.

The rapid growth of Open RAN has enabled numerous innovations in the space of radio access network, which drives 5G service agility to the edge cloud as the disaggregation of RAN facilitates the virtualization of BNG, security, load balancing and SRv6 Service Chaining. Through multi-vendor compatibility, pre-validated Open RAN platform provides automation, dynamic scalability and assisted with low-latency, improved performance and speed of emerging 5G technology. 

July 12, 2022, New Taipei City, Taiwan and Paris, France, Lanner Electronics, a leading uCPE Whitebox Solutions™ provider, today announced that the company has established a partnership with 6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, to provide a full range of whitebox uCPE solutions pre-validated with 6WIND’s Virtual Service Router (VSR) solutions, offering scalable virtualized routing and security at the edge.

The key concepts of Open RAN are to improve competition, network flexibility and costs by accelerating innovation and commercialization through disaggregation, providing communication service providers and mobile network suppliers with multi-vendor interoperable products and solutions tailored for the operators’ network requirements and verified for different deployment scenarios. The potential benefits include supply chain diversity, solution flexibility, and new capabilities to get new features to market faster, and through deployment of OpenRAN whitebox Distributed Unit (DU), enables operators the flexibility to extend 5G to more users in a secure, cost-effective, and energy-efficient way. 

At Embedded World Conference 2022, Embedded Computing Design has chosen Lanner’s best efficient AI Acceleration Card, the Falcon H8, as one of the winners singled out for “Best in Show” in the AI & Machine Learning category. Lanner's Falcon H8 modular, PCIe FHHL form factor provides a compact and easily deployable solution for engineers looking to offload CPU loading for low-latency deep learning inference.

Digitalization transformation creates new cyber vulnerabilities from edge to cloud networks. Enterprises migrate their security and applications to the cloud, while industries deploy billions of IoT devices and internet service providers virtualize their network services at the edge.

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