O’Prueba Technology and Lanner Electronics announced their collaboration to provide a 5G uCPE/FWA solution to meet the demands of 5G field deployment. With 5G 's high bandwidth and low latency characteristics, how to achieve cloud-edge collaboration, as well as the integration of network transmission and application, will also become a key concern for enterprises.

O’Prueba's product iGWS (intelligent Generative Wireless System) is a software platform designed for 5G uCPE/FWA. It supports 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PoE control, providing flexible network forwarding configuration and enabling far edge computing. Through the integration of iGWS solution, it can manage 5G uCPE/FWA with different hardware specifications at the same time, meet the needs of heterogeneous fields with a unified management platform. The plug-and-play design also makes the connecting of 5G public and private networks easier. In addition, the built-in docker container in iGWS can also leverage the computational power of hardware.

This collaboration will focus on the integration of iGWS and Lanner's 5G edge computing device NCA-1516 series, which provides various network transmission channels and security settings, as well as excellent computing power with Intel Atom C3000 Series (codenamed Denverton) CPU. O’Prueba acts as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to provide the iGWS platform to Lanner, offering unique network services and application deployment capabilities. This platform can provide enterprises in access control, intelligent monitoring, traffic management, and smart retail sectors with a three-in-one solution for transmission, computing, and management.

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Since the launch of iGWS in 2022, O’Prueba has collaborated with domestic and foreign telecom operators. This solution with Lanner, a global leader in network communication computing hardware, can enable the planning for 5G/P5G deployment and significantly reduce costs and time for enterprise, bringing more value and innovation to customers. Through pre-validation using iGWS software on Lanner network appliances, Lanner and O'Prueba can together build a robust and easily deployable uCPE platform specifically tailored for scalable 5G network services.

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5G/Wifi6 Ready Desktop Appliance with Intel Atom® C3000 CPU (Codenamed Denverton)

CPU Intel® Atom® C3000
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