Enterprises nowadays are migrating to the Cloud in droves and more and more software are being licensed, delivered and deployed using SaaS; such migration and deployment have become the norm for the so-called hybrid workplace model that mixes in-office and remote work, especially during the pandemic.  

As businesses rather rapidly adopting such workplace model, however, they are realizing that network availability, security and user experience are more important than ever.   


A company that specializes in providing software-defined network service and application delivery came to Lanner looking for an appliance that can be relied upon for deploying the aforementioned hybrid workplace model. The hardware platform must be capable of enabling the adoption of SD-WAN / SASE and SaaS simultaneously without hiccups.  

This requirement was intended to address the inherent lack of deterministic behavior in network and network architectures that could fail to take optimal cloud application support into consideration, resulting in unreliable network availability, suboptimal network security and lackluster user experience. 

Lanner Solution 

Lanner’s NCA-2520 and NCA-2522, 1U rackmount multi-core x86 network appliances powered by Intel® Atom P5362/P5352/P5342/P5332/P5322 CPUs (codenamed Snow Ridge NS), offer up to 24 cores of processing prowess.  

In addition to having a high core count, theNCA-2522 in particular also features 300W 1+1 AC/DC redundant CRPS PSU, while both appliances deliver ample networking capabilities by way of 8x GbE RJ45, 4x 10G SFP+ and another 4x 10G SFP+ via KR signal (by project). 

Both appliances come built in with Intel Secure Boot, Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel QuickAssist Technology and Intel AES-NI.  

Intel QuickAssist Technology not only only enables hardware-based acceleration services for encryption/compression but also allows different virtual machines in a virtual environment to share a single PCI Express hardware interface, therefore making both the NCA-2520 and the NCA-2522 the ideal hardware solutions for vCPE, uCPE, SD-WAN and SD-Security on Intel architecture servers. 

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Benefits delivered by Lanner’s NCA-2522/NCA-2520 are fivefold. First of all, the NCA-2522/NCA-2520 ensures optimized connectivity, paving way for a network architecture that facilitates connectivity to SaaS providers’ clouds, not only reducing packet loss, network latency/jitter, but also delivering a LAN-like UX. 

Secondly, having minimized packet loss and network latency over the last mile, the required applications/services can and should be delivered with optimal performance and efficiency. And having achieved optimal applications/services delivery, both remote and on-premises workforce should now be even more productive.  

Next, such multi-layered SD-WAN/SASE-based approach brings to table both integrated access security as well as cloud-based security provided by end users’ preferred providers, ensuring airtight and impermeable network security.  

Last but not least, designed and positioned as the ideal solution for vCPE, uCPE, SD-WAN and SD-Security on Intel® architecture servers, the NCA-2520 and NCA-2522 take the brunt of harmonizing the complex interaction between SD-WAN and the SaaS solutions, addressing this particular solution provider’s primary concern.  


All in all, the NCA-2520/NCA-2522’s Cloud-based and SDN-centric product design minimizes the complexity of simultaneously rolling out SD-WAN / SASE and SaaS. These platforms enable dynamic traffic-steering across internet and intranet, therefore minimizing packet loss and delivering an optimized UX for local and remote locations, ensuring peak network performance for services/applications delivery. 

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