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Today Lanner Electronics released a brand new desktop-sized network appliance, the FW-5330. Equipped with the latest AMD® Embedded G-series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the FW-5330 is the next generation UTM and firewall appliance best suited for SOHO and SMB. The FW-5330 is fanless and features a desktop form factor, low-power AMD® T24L processor, 2 or 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 USB ports and a 36W Power Adaptor with lock.

On April 3, the Intel Embedded Alliance was renamed Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance. The name reflects Intel’s collective focus on intelligent systems — a new sub-category recently identified by research firm IDC, along with Intel, Microsoft, and other industry leaders.

Today Lanner released the LEC-2270, a fanless, 2nd Generation Intel Core CPU driven embedded system with 3G capabilities, multiple expansion options and a wide temperature range. It is positioned for the high-end industrial automation and digital signage market.

Although you may have already seen some of our products at Computex and gotten some of our materials, we would be delighted to get in touch to see how we can help your business.

Today, Lanner Electronics, is releasing the newest low power consuming, fanless, industrial PC, the LEC-7050. Utilizing the latest Intel Atom N2800 (1.8GHz), the LEC-7050 is positioned to take over the economical digital signage and other industrial automation tasks. It features a +24V industrial environment DC input and like other Lanner products can be mounted via VESA, DIN-Rail or on a rack.

Today, Lanner Electronics, Inc., released a DIN-rail mountable communication gateway for SCADA and power grid embedded systems- the LEC-2312. The product is designed for longevity and features a fan-less and dust-proof chassis. It uses the Intel Atom N455 and has one DDR3 SO-DIMM slot for up to 2GB of memory. The LEC-2312 is built for SCADA systems, industrial automation applications and general computing in extreme-environment situations.

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