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Today sees the introduction of Lanner’s LEC-7330, a fanless and power-conscious IPC running on Intel®’s Bay Trail CPU.

The LEC-7330, built with Intel®’s Celeron® J1900/N2930 or Intel® Atom™ E3845 processor, comes with hot-swappable storage for easy video management, making it a low-maintenance platform for setting up video-heavy industrial deployments such as physical security, roadside traffic monitoring and other surveillance or ITS related industrial applications.

To meet the growing demand for increased efficiency, low maintenance cost and simplified integration in industrial communication fields, Lanner launches LEC-3013-I10, the highest serial port density box PC in DIN Rail form factor in our product lineup. This industrial system is designed with 10 serial ports, low-power Intel® Atom™ CPU, and other useful I/O connectors for easier integration and power-efficiency, making it an optimal solution for industrial automation and monitoring, energy transmission and distribution, and other substation and grid environments.

Today, more and more enterprises are requiring wireless connectivity for their network management convenience. To respond to this requirement, Lanner, a global leading supplier in network appliances, introduces its Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE NIC module “NCS2-MINIPCIE01A”, aiming to bring wireless network connectivity to compatible Lanner network appliances and help enterprises save maintenance and management costs.

For the past few years, embedded vehicle computing systems have tipped in the market as users demand higher levels of efficiency, safety and infotainment. Interior spacing and power supply are major concerns when deploying a vehicle computer. To respond to this issue, Lanner, a global leading manufacturer in network appliances and gateway solutions, has launched its most compact and power-efficient embedded vehicle gateway, named LVC-1000. The ultra compact gateway system is built with low power-consuming Intel® Quark SoC X1001 CPU, rich I/O connectors and proven ruggedness, ideal for transportation sector.

Lanner's Intel® Core™ based embedded platforms offer dynamic scalability, great computing power and exceptional cost-performance ratio. Highlighted here are the “Value”, “Mainstream” and “Flagship” box PCs with unique configurations and designs capable of meeting even the most performance demanding applications, such as physical security, machine vision inspection and roadside vehicle identifications.

The growing number of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and SCADA attacks has generated great concerns for the cyber security of critical infrastructures including nuclear plants, power substations and hydro facilities. To reinforce industrial network security, Lanner has launched its robust and compact platform LEC-6021A, a firewall or UTM designed to perform white-listing, protocol filtering and access detections in remote and isolated environments.

Today sees the release of Lanner’s LEC-7480, a fanless and rugged box PC powered by the Intel® Core™ i7/i3 CPU. This particular industrial computer is known for its wide operating temperature range between -35°C and 75°C, making it one of the most weatherproof appliances from Lanner.

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