Today, Lanner Electronics Inc., released the FX-7220, a network appliance platform with hybrid architecture. The growth of the information security industry has brought upon increasingly sophisticated niche solutions for specific needs such as WAN optimization, email security, application delivery, and intrusion prevention systems. Unlike any other releases, the FX-7220 is designed to meet these different requirements with a single network appliance using two motherboards.

“The FX-7220 is the successor of FX-7210,” said Jesse Chiang, the Executive Product Planner at Lanner Electronics. “Two of our clients are currently using this hardware platform to deploy their new IPS and application delivery appliances. The FIPS and NEBS-compliant FX-7220 IPS is now used in the datacenters of two Fortune 50 telecom companies, so we are very confident with the platform and now offering it to other clients. This appliance is designed to inspect massive amounts of traffic and is currently handling 20 Gbps IPS throughput and 100+ Gbps firewall throughput at these datacenters.”

To accomplish such high IPS throughput rates, the FX-7220 uses two motherboards. The primary motherboard is a standard x86 board with sockets to support two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors, and the Intel® C600 chipset. The secondary motherboard is customized to fit the requirements of the client. For instance, a RISC-based motherboard is used for an IPS appliance with a high throughput requirement.

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Made for the telecom industry, the FX-7220 has many of the benefits found in ATCA systems, but with a lower price tag. The FX-7720 is equipped with warm swappable I/O blades, and the advanced I/O blade design makes it possible to configure up to 36 1GbE network ports or twelve 10GbE ports, in an array of SFP+ or copper combinations. The motherboards are designed with trays to make field replacement quick and efficient, and redundant power supplies help to minimize downtime. The power supply units of the FX-7220 use PMBus, a digital power management protocol, an improvement from the analog control of the FX-7210. It can monitor the RPM, voltage and healthy of fan system in real time.

According to Jesse, the FX-7220 is just the first of many unique products to expect from Lanner over the next months. “The FX series is designed to meet the changing requirements of today’s network appliances. As the leading provider of network appliance hardware, we need to spearhead the development of such hardware platform demands. Stay tuned for upcoming FX product releases, especially if you need customized hardware for IPS, SIEM, application delivery, WAN optimization.”

The FX-7220 will be demonstrated at the Lanner Infosec Development Seminar in Santa Clara of U.S.A. on November 8th, 2012.