Many of today’s networking devices are built with LAN bypass function to prevent failed LAN transmission from impeding important in-flow critical data. The function is to ensure fault-tolerance for network appliances so that essential communications an be still continued even when software, hardware or power failure occurs. The basic idea of bypass is “cross-connection”. When an Ethernet port fails, the dysfunctional port will be temporarily disconnected from the system interface and all the in-line data will flow into the other LAN port so that data is still received.

LAN bypass is extremely important in enterprise environments where multiple network appliances are inter-connected. If the Ethernet function of an appliance fails, the bypass function can ensure that the precious data will travel to another appliance, while the failed part is being diagnosed. Especially in high-availability, mission-critical applications, a reliable LAN bypass design that automatically activates itself without human intervention is the ideal function mode to eliminate interruptions.

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Lanner's Advanced Generation of LAN Bypass for Reliable Network Traffic