The drive to redefine enterprise total cost of ownership (TCO) has contributed to the rise of midrange systems, the type of servers that can process large-scale instructions and applications, though less powerful than mainstream servers. Midrange network servers have been favored by small-and-medium enterprises and regional division and subsidiaries of global corporations due to their affordable TCO, lower power consumption and scalable open architecture mainly by Intel architecture-based platforms.

The Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 family, formerly codenamed Broadwell-DE, is primarily launched for midrange network servers by bringing the optimal performance and power consumption ration, while delivering enhanced hardware virtualization, workload optimization and reliability features to meet the networking demands of SMEs and regional divisions/subsidiaries.

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Establish Optimal Performance and Power Consumption Ratio with Intel® Xeon™ D-1500 Series Processor Whitepaper