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Enterprises are moving away from traditional, physical and hardware-implemented security solutions to a more agile and virtualized platform for network traffic management. This trend has become highly apparent for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and small offices. For entry-level enterprise security, Lanner has introduced its new RISC desktop platform MR-328, designed with Cavium Octeon CPU to support DPI, virtualization and multiple I/Os.

Lanner today announced the release of the LEC-7230M, an aluminum and SGCC variant of the recently released LEC-7230L.

The LEC-7230M and the LEC-7230L are both powerful and nimble all-in-one, one-for-all embedded box PCs powered by the Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail, a SoC known for its significant improvement in computing performance and power efficiency. These two versatile appliances differ in their operating temperatures, storage temperatures, dimensions, construction, weight, mounting options and driver support.

Today’s network infrastructures are shifting from hardware-concentrated strategy to open software technological approaches. Network service providers require more agile and flexible methods to deliver satisfying virtualization performance while saving ownership costs. Upon seeing this demand, Lanner’s NCA-5510 is launched to meet today’s network requirements by optimizing computing power and virtualization capacity in a compact 1U form factor with high-port density.

Today’s rolling stock systems have transformed into a digitalized and networked age, where real-time communication and monitoring are demanded. However, not all computing systems are able to operate properly under the harsh environment of rolling stock applications, where external factors such as extreme temperatures, vibration and significant amount of dust might be encountered. Thus, Lanner offers its LVR-2010, a fanless, power efficient railway controller PC with EN50155-compliant design, power efficient Intel® Atom™ E3845 CPU, wide temperature support and rich I/O ports with rugged M12 connectors. LVR-2010 is a reliable platform for rolling stock applications such as infotainment, transportation control, real-time monitoring and communications.

Lanner Electronics, the leading ODM/OEM service provider of network appliances and industrial PCs, is pleased to announce that Lanner has achieved ISO28000:2007 certification from SGS on supply chain security management, making Lanner among the first IPC companies to receive this certification.

Lanner, the associate member of Intel® Internet of Things, today announced the launch of the LEC-7230L, a compact and fanless embedded computer powered by the Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail SoC platform, known for its significant improvement in computing performance and power efficiency.

With advanced networking and computing technologies, automation and instant data acquisition in public transportation have been widely implemented for improved passenger experiences. To assist transportation companies with intelligent and networked transportation system, Lanner launches its EN50155 compliant rolling stock computing system LVR-5700. The system is purposely designed for rail applications by offering powerful CPU, rich I/Os, M12-protected PoE ports and robust ruggedness to withstand external impacts, making it the perfect solution for train monitoring, infotainment, security surveillance and rail management.

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