2018 FIFA World Cup, the world’s largest sport event this year, is held in Russia and participated by 32 national teams contesting through a qualifying competition with more than 1.5 billion soccer viewers worldwide. In fact, this is considered the most costly World Cup so far, with latest technological deployments like 5G infrastructures and VR-assisted equipments. However, such high-profile events are attracting potential cyber attacks at the same time. For example, the Winter Olympics in early 2018 was found with an incident that the IP television in the press center was hacked during the opening ceremony.

There is no doubt that cyber criminals would take this opportunity to execute Hactivism since such events can bring large clusters of people and technology in one place. In other words, there are so many targets for their use. The stadium is full of high-speed Internet access and 5G network infrastructure enabling live broadcasting, connected automated devices, Wi-Fi access points, and thus the network infrastructure exposes potential loopholes for massive cyber attacks.

The Requirements

By taking cyber security into consideration, several stadiums in Russia are installed with numerous VPN/FW gateways to protect the networks for the security of audience and devices. The installation of UTM aims at ensuring the stadiums’ potential vulnerability at network perimeters, not only having network provisioning for the inbound traffic from subsystems around the stadiums, but also protection against any external cyber threat.

Basic requirements for a UTM gateway

High VPN Performance:

Unparalled computing capability of cryptographic protection

Active-active fault tolerance:

High-availability for networks and supports redundancy

Investment optimization:

Reducing the total cost of ownership up to 40%

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The Solutions

Diamond VPN/FW, developed by TSS - a leading company in the cyber security market of Russia, is deployed as the UTM to function as firewall, virtual private networks (VPN) and rapid intrusion prevention for the stadium’s network sphere. The protection measure includes high-speed network encryption using Russian cipher algorithms. On top of that, flexible modular architecture makes sure the company’s specialists can implement more sophisticated security solutions in the future. Finally, the centralized control system allows operation and fine-tuning for all the routers from a single gateway device.

Diamond VPN/FW is based on Lanner FW-7573 as the network hardware to serve as UTM for stadium networks, integrating the functions of a firewall, decentralized VPN provider and protection system against external threats to the network.

Lanner FW-7573 is a cost-effective high-performance 1U rackmount network security systemutilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of the Intel Atom Processor C2758 8-core SoC, (formerly Rangeley). The network security gateway comes with dedicated 6 GbE LAN ports, Gen.3 LAN bypass, and 1x NIC expansion slot, to perform UTM, firewall, VPN, IPS and WAN optimization applications from SMB to Enterprise environment.

The Results

The system provides multiple remote users with visible access to the network resources in an environment secured from external vulnerabilities. The Diamond VPN/FW system offers key features including high-speed encryption (up to 20-Gbps per Unit) and the 9-Gbps data rate for a TCP-session. Meanwhile, the input delays only take 1.5 msec or even less. The system’s components are highly reliable and together with the bypass function guarantee uninterrupted work. The system also allows replacement of modules, bypass interfaces, watchdog-timers, RAID and program algorithms.

The World Cup in Russia kicked off on June 14 and will take place in twelve stadiums in eleven cities.

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Rackmount x86 Network Security Platform with 8-core Intel® Atom® C2000 Series processor

CPU 8-core Intel® AtomTM processor C2000 series (Codenamed "Rangeley")
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