LTE/5G Solutions for Business-Critical Connections 

The convergence of the internet of things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence is driving a new wave of transformation for industries that require a new standard of capabilities. The remote edge of the enterprise WAN is where business transformation is happening; therefore, it is where network connections need to be the most flexible and powerful.  

With LTE/5G routers and adapters, businesses can provide flexible and fiber-fast performance, enabling wireless WAN connectivity and machine learning for fixed and temporary locations, smart transportation, IoT, and smart cities.   

Lanner provides various LTE/5G-ready mobility solutions for in-vehicle gateways, outdoor edge appliances, to rugged multi-WAN SD-WAN uCPE appliances. The LTE/5G network solutions deliver high-availability, stable, high-quality real-time communications connectivity. Our LTE/5G-ready solutions have been deployed in various mobility and specialized markets, including industrial, maritime, transportation, robotics/UAV, media/film production, CBRS, FirstNet, and other mission-critical applications.  

Lanner LTE/5G extension modules come equipped with multiple SIM sockets for data carrier redundancy, ideal for deployment in remote, rugged environments. Lanner extension modules bring LTE/5G wireless connectivity to Lanner’s open, scalable hardware platforms, providing robust performance, carrier-grade reliability, and future-proof connectivity.  

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Featured Products:  


Swappable 4G LTE CAT-6 Radio Modem for Mission-Critical Communications

CPU None
Chipset Sierra Wireless EM7455

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Swappable 4G/LTE CAT-12 Radio Modem for Mission-Critical Communications

CPU None
Chipset Sierra Wireless EM7511

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Swappable 5G Radio Modem for Mission-Critical Communications

Chipset N/A

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