Due to the fast-growing concern of IoT network security, Lanner announces its new highly compact and fanless security gateway controller NCA-1010, the first launch of our new product line NCA (Network Computing Appliance). The newly introduced ultra-compact system is built with Intel® Bay Trail CPU and scalable connectivity to serve as CPE (Customer-premises equipment) gateway, small area network bandwidth management, and edge firewall in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), library, hospital wards and retail environments. This is also one of the most featured products by Lanner at South Expo 1347, RSA 2015.

NCA-1010 is Lanner’s revolutionary ultra compact x86 networking system built with Intel® Bay Trail CPU (Atom™ E3815). The central processor comes with hardware-assisted security mechanisms including AES-NI, allowing only authorized software or data to run on NCA-1010. With built-in instruction commands, NCA-1010 helps manage and secure devices connected to local WiFi network, like a compact entry-level firewall or multi-service gateway.

Despite its compact size, NCA-1010 delivers rich I/O connectivity and scalability. In terms of scalability, NCA-1010 comes with one HDMI port for high definition display, one console port for device network management, three LAN ports for network connections, two USB ports (one in USB 2.0 and another in USB 3.0 specifications) for external devices, and one antenna hole for signal reception. The rich I/O connectivity makes NCA-1010 a widely deployable system in small area network environments.

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For scalability, the inside of NCA-1010 provides one full-length mini-PCIe socket for Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE module to bring wireless connectivity to the system. In addition, there is also a half-length mini-PCIe socket for mSATA storage. This will allow NCA-1010 to serve as a local media server when connected wirelessly.

With the features discussed above, NCA-1010 is ideally applicable in multi-service gateway control, entry firewall for SMEs, retail, library and hospital environments, as well as wireless network access and bandwidth management in small area networks. For further information, please visit Lanner’s official site at www.lannerinc.com or come to us at South Expo 1347, RSA 2015.

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Compact Fanless x86 Network Appliance with Intel Bay Trail Platform (Atom E3800 CPU)

CPU Intel® Bay Trail E3815 or E3825 CPU
Chipset None

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