The maritime industry is increasing relying on stable and secured internet connectivity onboard cruise ships and yachts for a variety of internal and external communications such as VoIP, broadband Internet, asset tracking, entertainment and more.

As the demand for higher data bandwidth and faster internet speed grows, the maritime industry is rapidly adopting satellite-based internet connectivities for improved communications systems and enhanced navigation capabilities while at seas. The transition to satellite-based maritime internet, however, does come at the cost of network security.


A global shipping company managing a fleet of over 200 vessels came to Lanner in search of a hardware platform for managing and securing satellite-based internet connectivities deployed onboard their container ships and bulk carriers.

The said network security platform must ensure 24/7/365 internet connectivity in order to support all vessels’ operational needs; no unintentional downtime or lost connections resulting from network security loopholes and cyber-attacks can be tolerated.


Lanner’s NCA-4240 is a 1U 19” rackmount network appliance powered by Intel® Alder Lake S and Intel® H610E/Q670E chipset. This IPC can be deployed for managing multiple satellite WAN links while adding application-specific intelligence, significantly reducing the complexities of managing and securing maritime network connectivities.

The NCA-4240 features LGA 1700 socket, up to 64GB of DDR5 memory capacity at 4800MHz, Intel® H610E/Q670E chipset, 1x Gbe RJ45, 8x 2.5 Gbe RJ45 with 3 pairs of bypass, 1x RJ45 console and 1x NIC slot.

The NCA-4240’s high-performance processor, generous I/O configurations, support for 2x 2.5” HDD/SSD, 1x PCIe*8 FH/HL and 1x M.2 2230 (E Key) make it an ideal appliance for network traffic security, cloud computing and data centers.

The needed WAN connections and onboard systems on all vessels depend very much on the cargos being transported, each would require their own type of network services, degree of security and level of management and protection.

The NCA-4240 in this case does offer flexibilities for simultaneously supporting most network services, management needs and most important of all, layers of security.

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Lanner’s NCA-4240 is proven an ideal all-in-one communications solution for maritime vessels. It is capable of managing multiple satellite WAN links backed up by mobile networks for increased reliability and redundancy, delivering advanced malware protection, data encryption, intrusion prevention and more. While at sea, the NCA-4240 can also be remotely managed using virtual machines so that the latest security patches can be implemented.

Another benefit of is the NCA-4240’s dimension. With so much processing power consolidated into an 1U 19” design, up to 5U of rack space can be saved when compared to a separate network service device (NSD), router, server and network switch appliances, resulting in lower maintenance  costs and failure rates as the number of physical appliances needed is kept to a minimum.


Lanner's NCA-4240’s high-performance CPU/chipset and hardware features make it an ideal solution for shipping companies looking to optimize vessel performance, reduce operating costs, and improve safety. This use case clearly demonstrates the NCA-4240’s competitive advantages in addressing the challenges faced by the maritime industry.

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1U 19” Rackmount Appliance With Intel® Alder Lake S Processor

CPU Intel® Alder Lake S
Chipset Intel® H610E/Q670E

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