The highly competitive business environment requires high degree of flexibility and customizations to meet diversified application demands. In today’s competitive, fragmented and diversified market, commercially off-the-shelf solutions can no longer satisfy application-oriented industries. Customization is crucial to the success of manufacturing businesses. As a global leading supplier in network appliances, Lanner has been dedicated in customizing hardware platforms for clients with high degrees of flexibility and scalability.

Why Lanner

To establish mutual benefits and establish trusted partnership, Lanner is highly committed to the “built-to-order” business model and has extensive experience to develop turnkey solutions that precisely meet clients’ needs. We have well-experienced engineering capability, value-added customizable manufacturing and production services, offering optimized hardware platforms based on clients’ specifications requirements and applications. Our high-degree of customization services include the following specifications:

  • Motherboard
  • Chassis
  • OS and BIOS
  • Testing
  • Quantity/Quotation
  • Packing/Labeling/Serial number/Manual/Accessory
  • RMA Serices

Motherboard Customization

Lanner possesses a reliable, well-experienced engineering team to handle motherboard customization. Our motherboards are customizable to meet clients’ application demands. We have extensive experience in re-designing motherboards and re-working on certain components to add or remove particular functions for application needs or cost considerations. With long-established traditions, we offer strict BOM control and management.

Our motherboard customization services include choice of platform (x86, RISC or others), swappable/redundant power, module implementation, and custom components.

Chassis Customization

The chassis of Lanner’s network appliances can be customized for its color, nameplate, LCM, bezels and/or the silkscreen. We may also add or remove certain I/O and re-lay the motherboard if requested. Regarding installation or deployment needs, we can customize your chassis in 1U, 2U, 3U or other form factors based on clients’ environments.

Customization for OS Installation and BIOS

We have experienced engineering capability to pre-install specifically requested operating systems such as Linux (or Embedded Linux) or Windows (or Embedded Windows), prior to shipments. Our engineers are capable of building a customized BIOS to meet your applications and specifications.

In-house Manufacturing

Unlike other network appliance providers, Lanner is totally dedicated in custom orders and we have built millions of customized platforms through decades of our operations. We have high-volume, well-managed manufacturing plants with our in-house DIP, SMT, assembly and testing facilities to ensure optimal quality upon delivery.

Aside from strict BOM control and efficient lead-time management, our manufacturing services include the following procedures:

  • System assembly
  • Extensive burn-in tests
  • System testing and stressing
  • In-line failure testing
  • Error control
  • Compatibility test
  • Reliability test
  • Component approval
  • Quality measurement

Quality of Delivery

Lanner has a broad range of testing methods to ensure the quality of delivery. We impose strict quality assurance procedures in material quality control, assembly management, testing procedures, and inspections. Since quality is the corner stone of trusted partnerships, our quality assurance team are highly experienced in “Plan-Do-Check-Act/Adjust” approaches.

Packing Customizations

Packing, logo and labeling are 100% customizable based on clients’ requests. In fact, even accessories and user manuals can be modified according to particular requirements.

Technical Support and RMA Service

Lanner technical support team handles requests regarding system issues and other inquiries promptly to ensure quality improvements. Our RMA provides repair service for defected products and conduct diagnose and engineering notifications.