In today’s dynamic work environment, enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-based applications and services, in addition to employees, partners, and customers are accessing resources from diverse locations and devices. Traditional networking and security architectures struggle with modern business operation demands while leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber threats, inefficient workflows, and escalating costs. This distributed nature of operations requires a more flexible, scalable, and secure networking solution, which is what SASE offers.

SASE leverages SD-WAN capabilities to provide optimized network routing, global connectivity, WAN and Internet security, cloud acceleration, and remote access, blending the functions of network and security point solutions into a unified cloud-native service, coupled with reduced complexity and improved security.


A system integrator came to Lanner looking for hardware appliances to design a cloud-native SASE solution for a leading North American multinational corporation with multiple branch offices and a diverse workforce operating from various locations worldwide with a growing demand for secure and scalable network connectivity and recognized the limitations of its existing network infrastructure. To address these challenges, the resulting joint effort appliance needed to integrate:

  • Multi-core Computing Performance & Scalability

The appliance should have a multi-core processor to provide optimal performance for multiple virtualized network functions and applications. Expansion features are needed for better performance even as demands increase, including additional storage, and PCIe slots for graphics cards, or accelerator cards.

  • Rich I/O Connectivity Configurations

The device must have extensive LAN port configurations, including GbE LAN, SFP+ fiber, and IPMI to support a variety of communications options to effectively utilize bandwidth and communications with systems for remote monitoring. In addition to support for link aggregation and failover mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted connectivity while optimizing traffic distribution across different network paths.

  • Integrated Network Services

The appliance needs to support integrated network services including routing, switching, security, and micro data center. A SASE solution can provide visibility across the end-to-end cloud environment, centralizes security, and maintain compliance.

  • Robust Security

Lanner’s open architecture appliances not only enable security virtual network function (VNFs) consolidations, addition to hardware-assisted QAT® for network encryption and cryptography acceleration, and onboard TPM for securing crypto-processing and tamper resistance at the hardware level.

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By adopting a cloud-native SASE solution, enterprises can consolidate multiple networking and security functions into a unified cloud-based platform, enhancing network performance, simplifying and visible management, and improving security.

Lanner SASE appliances are protected with firmware/BIOS-based security features, offering integrated crypto acceleration, BIOS authentication, and IPMI remote management to enable WAN efficiency without compromising on security.

The NCA-4035 is based on Intel Xeon D, a branch of Xeon processors optimized for delivering ultra-low power consumption and robust performance. This appliance comes with the most innovative System-on-a-Chip built for the edge and is ideal for applications in networking, 5G, uCPE SD-WAN, SASE, and IIoT Edge computing as their outstanding features deliver improvement in packet processing performance and network scalability in virtual network functions.

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