Securing remote and unmanned industrial facilities such as oil fields and gas pipeline is always a challenge because these off-site properties are often located in far-flung and distant rural areas where man-hours for facility maintenance are long and costly. For companies looking to automate the safeguarding of these remote and critical facilities, finding a solution capable of monitoring multiple remote sites on a limited budget isn’t always easy.

The Problem

One of North America’s fastest growing security service providers came to Lanner with a request for a hardware solution that can be adapted to their multifaceted security services. This security service provider has more than 30 years of experience in protecting critical infrastructures of various industries, offering 24/7 monitoring, off-site archiving and real-time response. In order to develop an even more comprehensive and efficient system for a particular project that involves remote facility management, this company insisted that the selected hardware solution be capable of the following functions:

  • Video Surveillance with Loop Recording

Multiple surveillance cameras are to be connected for continuous video streaming and control center feedback in real-time 24/7, regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Guard Tour Patrol Logging with Real-time Reporting

Security guards paroling the facilities are to be monitored for their appointed rounds at several checkpoints via RFID sensors.

  • Radar Motion Detection with Instant Alerts

Radar motion detectors are to be installed for identifying and to alert control centers unusual activities such as wildlife intrusion or potential threats.

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The Solution

Lanner’s LVC-5000N4, with designs meant for remote site management, was eventually identified as the ideal appliance on which a centralized platform for video surveillance, RFID sensor logging and radar motion detection can be developed.

With the built-in 4 LAN ports with PoE functions, the LVC-5000N4 can be connected to multiple surveillance cameras for streaming live video from remote sites to the control centers; the radar motion detectors and RFID sensors are made integral to the hardware via the I/O ports, for delivering the most up-to-date patrol reports and alert messages to those keeping watch.

The LVC-5000N4, with its MIL-STD-810G certification, corrugated aluminum casing and fanless design, can be expected to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to 60°C. Such industrial grade performance minimizes the occurrences of unexpected downtime and therefore the cost for maintenance.

The Result

The versatility and high reliability of the LVC-5000N4 make it the perfect appliance for managing facilities located in remote areas. This particular company is currently working with Lanner on an in-vehicle solution intended for steaming real-time video from individual petrol cars via 4G connectivity. Other Lanner solutions are also being considered for expanding the scope of their security services such as wildlife monitoring and endangered species preservation.