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Enterprises are facing an unprecedented challenge in network management caused by the exponential growth of wireless access points, mobile Internet devices and other systems with Internet access enabled. This has driven enterprises to adapt expansion measures in their IT infrastructures in order to deliver reliable services, yet maintenance has become more costly and complicated.

Lanner today announced the release of two NIC modules, the NCS2-IXM407 and the NCS2-IQM201.

They are compatible with Lanner’s x86 network appliances, including the just released the FW-8894 and the FW-8896, and are intended for expanding these appliances’ network connectivity.

The wide-spreading trend of intelligent vehicles has triggered an urgent need for compact, shock/vibration-resistant gateway control. With specific requirements for vehicle-use systems taken into considerations, Lanner presents its military-grade, compact in-vehicle gateway controller LVC-2000, driven by onboard Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail E3845 CPU for power-efficiency. The value computing solution is designated for infotainment, fleet management and monitoring/tracking applications.

With the increasing demand of industrial communications, the need for a robust and efficient controlling hardware solution has become urgent and crucial. To meet the urgent demand, Lanner, a global leader in network computing appliances and IoT solutions, proudly introduces its new compact industrial communication platform – LEC-6040, a fanless box PC built with industrial-grade ruggedness and powerful Intel® Core™ CPU.

Lanner’s embedded solutions are based on a variety of form factors, processors, memory capacities, I/O options and compliances. And today Lanner sees the release of the REC-2740, a fanless military grade IPC powered by Intel’s Core i7-2610UE CPU, offering not only high performance, IP67-rated enclosure and IP67 grade M15 power connectors, but also MIL-STD-810G compliance for rough terrain and extreme weather.

Lanner today made available a list of riser cards and mounting peripherals for a wide selection of embedded computing appliances, specifically the LEC-2010, the LEC-2110, the LEC-2220, the LEC-2270 and the LEC-2280, simplifying the process of selecting the needed accessory for PCI/PCI-E expansion.

Lanner, the associate member of Intel® Internet of Things, today announced the release of three fanless embedded computers powered by the latest Intel® Atom/Celeron Bay Trail SoC; they are the LEC-7230, the LEC-7230M and the LEC-2530. The new Intel® Bay Trail SoC is known for its significant improvement in computing performance and low power consumption.

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