In the past year and a half, securely facilitating remote working has become a priority for a majority of enterprises. There are a variety of strategies available to secure both off- and on-premises infrastructure. The current state of secure access service edge (SASE), zero trust firewalls, and software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) are becoming commonly used by enterprises. 


SD-WAN is a simplified approach to managing the wide-area network (WAN) architecture. This is achieved by decoupling the network hardware from the control mechanism, allowing enterprises to build WAN infrastructure at a lower cost and with better performance. NCA-1516 as a branch office SD-WAN uCPE will provide secure and flexible connectivity.  


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For many enterprises, SASE architecture is an attractive networking solution because it simplifies both WAN and security by delivering both as a cloud service directly to the source of the connection. This is particularly helpful for organizations with remote or highly mobile workforces that frequently utilizes cloud applications. NCA-4025 as a SASE appliance can fully secure enterprises’ remote, hybrid, or on-premises workforces. 

Zero trust describes both an IT solution and a security philosophy. When utilizing zero trust as part of a networking strategy, enterprises take the approach that no device can be trusted by default, and that mutual authentication provides enhanced protection compared to other methods. NCA-5220 will act as zero trust firewall at enterprise headquarters to protect critical servers in private and internal clouds.  

SASE PoPs combine software-defined networking and intrinsic security, enabling IT teams to seamlessly support user mobility in a zero-trust environment. HTCA-6600 offers SASE service and provides mobile or home users to connect to the Internet and public cloud securely.  

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5G/Wifi6 Ready Desktop Appliance with Intel Atom® C3000 CPU (Codenamed Denverton)

CPU Intel® Atom® C3000
Chipset SoC

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1U 19” Rackmount Open RAN Appliance with Intel Xeon® D-2100 Multi-core Processor (Codenamed Skylake-DE)

CPU Intel® Xeon® D2100 8/12/14/16 Cores
Chipset N/A

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1U 19”Rackmount Network Appliance Built with Intel® Xeon® E or Core i3 or Pentium or Celeron Processor (Codenamed Coffee Lake)

CPU Intel® Xeon® E or Core i3 or Pentium or Celeron Processor (Coffee Lake), Up to 6 Cores
Chipset Intel® C246

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High Availability Chassis 6U Telecom Network Appliance with 6 x86 CPU Blades and 6 I/O Blades

CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family
Chipset Intel C621/C627 Chipset

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