Today Lanner Electronics announced the release of two new network appliances named FW-7582 and FW-8758. Both are among the first on the market to be forward compatible with Intel’s upcoming processor codenamed Ivy Bridge and the 7-series chipset codenamed Panther Point.

The FW-7582 supports Intel CPUs up to 65W, including Celeron G540, Pentium G850 and Core i3. The FW-8758 is capable of supporting the full range of CPUs up to 95W, including all of the processors listed above plus Core i5 and Core i7. The H61 chipset inside both FW-7582 and FW-8758 are designed for scalability and cost optimization. It enables 1 DIMM per channel of DDR3 1333 MHz, supporting up to 8GB of unbuffered, non-ECC DDR3 memory (dual channel).

While both appliances are equipped with the Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 series processors, they differ slightly in that the FW-7582 has six Gbe RJ45 ports, can be equipped with a 3.5” or a 2.5” HDD bay and the optional Ethernet module while the FW-8758 has everything the FW-7582 has to offer plus redundant power supply and the capability of being fitted with a maximum of 14 Gbe ports and either one 3.5” or two 2.5” HDD bays.

Another feature for the FW-7582 and the FW-8758 is the Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. Hyper-Threading Technology creates the effect of having dual processors by duplicating certain sections of the processor, specifically those areas that store the CPU’s architectural state. By processing only the architectural state and not the main execution resources, Hyper-Threading allows the operating system to schedule two threads or processes simultaneously through each processor, thus improving reaction/response times, CPU performance and energy efficiency. Appliances with Hyper-Threading Technology could perform 15 to 30 percent better than those without.

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What’s more, both the FW-7582 (SKU FW-7582A) and the FW-8758 (SKU FW-8758A and SKU FW-8758C) feature three pairs of generation 3 bypass, allowing for an uninterrupted traffic to flow around a single appliance even when that said appliance is offline or shut off. Generation 3 bypass provides users with unprecedented control over the appliance in all status stages, including offline, powering on, online and powering down.

I/O interface, expansion capabilities and other features for both appliances include one RJ45 console port, two USB 2.0, one PCI-E*8 golden finger, Watchdog and internal RTC with Li battery. “Lanner’s FW-7582 and the FW-8758 outshine most other similar network appliances on today’s market because of their multi-function capability” said Jesse Chiang, executive product planner at Lanner Electronics Inc.

“As network communication appliances, for example, both can be used for load balancing to achieve optimal resource utilization; when deployed as network security appliances, they serve as firewalls for UTM management. And when using as network routers, they control WAN acceleration and network access for email and spam filtering.""Lanner Electronics Inc. will be showcasing the FW-7582 and the FW-8758 at the RSA Conference 2012, taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from February 27 to March 2, booth number 1459.