The Challenge

Combining all the elements needed for bus surveillance and monitoring while at the same time offering quality display output and performance for digital signage and media is no easy task. Add in the need for robust design and excellent vibration and shock resistance, and few devices can live up to the task. The demands of this application include:

  • Multiple display screens for passengers
  • Simultaneous recording and storage of feeds from multiple surveillance cameras
  • GPS for bus location monitoring
  • G-sensor and idling alarm for driver monitoring
  • “Panic button” for driver to alert control center to problems
  • 3G/4G connectivity to ensure constant communication with control center
  • Outstanding shock and vibration resistance

The Solution

Specifically designed as vehicle computers, the LVC-5000 series is Lanner’s answer to the demands of modern bus operators. They are fanless devices with a wide temperature tolerance range and conformity to the exacting MIL-STD-810G for both vibration and shock resistance. All devices in the range are equipped with a vehicle ignition interface, which can be programmed to start the computer on engine ignition, and power down when the vehicle engine is switched off.

Lanner’s integrated solution works seamlessly with the Surveillance Video Management System provided by Milestone X Protect to offer a comprehensive surveillance package. Coupled with an on-board SSD up to 1 TB in size, the capacity, software, and processing power is now available to manage a network of up to 8 in-vehicle cameras. Recorded footage can be accessed by physically connecting to the Vehicle Computer or using a remote communication link.

The LVC-5000 series can also be deployed in conjunction with external CAN bus devices to provide a complete driver behavior monitoring platform, thanks to the on board GPS and G-sensor. Speed, acceleration, deceleration, vehicle orientation, and vehicle position can all be recorded using this system. Communication with a remote control center is carried out by wireless 3G/4G to ensure constant contact and monitoring.

The LVC-5770-7A is equipped with 8 PoE LAN ports, and functions as a highly capable Mobile NVR in conjunction with remotely-powered IP cameras, while the LVC-5570 series supports analog input to perform handily as a Mobile DVR. With a range of processor options up to and including the latest Intel® Core i7-2655LE, customers can choose which services to operate, and consequently what level of processing power is required.

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