As pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities digitalize their processes to achieve operational efficiency, they also need to manage sensitive and critical data, including intellectual property, production processes, and patient data. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry requires rapid access to robust network security solutions that enable them to manage their industrial assets, pinpoint vulnerabilities, identify breaches, and prevent downtime.


A Network Security System can play a crucial role in ensuring pharmaceutical manufacturing security by performing compute-intensive security measures, such as data encryption, firewall protection, network segmentation, intrusion detection, and prevention.

A leading provider of OT network security solutions has approached Lanner with the need for a reliable hardware solution that enables multi-layered OT and IT network security. They seek comprehensive operational visibility and strengthened cybersecurity defenses.

Safeguard OT Networks with Rugged Network Appliances:

To implement security measures in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and prevent unauthorized remote access, the ICS-P371 serves as a rugged security appliance deployed in the OT network to protect SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

Powered by the Intel® Atom X6000 processor (formerly Elkhart Lake) for high processing performance, the ICS-P371 series possesses several key hardware features, including abundant I/O (6x RJ45, 2x SFP, 2x DIO), advanced LAN bypass, chassis intrusion detection, and on-board TPM 2.0 hardware security.

The system’s power supply voltage supports dual +12~48Vdc power input and operates in a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to 70°C. All of these hardware design features ensure that the security gateway ICS-P371 will never experience downtime while operating in hazardous environments such as the OT environment.

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Protecting IT Networks with Rackmount Network Appliances:

One of the primary causes of cyber vulnerabilities in segregated pharmaceutical manufacturing networks is the introduction of malicious code from the outside. IT networks connected to the Internet or unsecured external devices such as laptops, tablets, and USB peripherals also create vulnerabilities for malware and viruses to infiltrate office and industrial networks.

Built to protect enterprise networks, Lanner provides the NCA-4240, a high-performance enterprise network firewall with high availability and reliability. Lanner’s NCA-4240 is a 1U 19” rackmount appliance powered by Intel® Alder Lake S, featuring a high-performance cores (P-cores) and energy-efficient cores (E-cores) architecture, allowing the CPU to dynamically adapt its performance based on workload requirements.

Alder Lake-S processors also integrate a powerful iGPU, which can be harnessed to accelerate tasks such as deep packet inspection, pattern matching, and data analysis. Additionally, integrated GPUs accelerate the training and inference processes for machine learning and AI, improving threat detection capabilities.


Implementing Lanner's network appliances to build multi-layered IT/OT security in pharmaceutical manufacturing has resulted in significant improvements in both security and efficiency. With the integration of Lanner's hardware, real-time data processing capabilities, and advanced analytics, pharmaceutical factories have achieved enhanced security protocols and operational efficiency.

In conclusion, Lanner's Edge Computing Solutions have transformed pharmaceutical manufacturing by providing a holistic approach to security, quality control, inventory management, and data analytics. This integration has resulted in a safer, more efficient, and highly optimized production environment, meeting the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry.


IEC 61850-3 Wide Temperature Industrial Cybersecurity Gateway

CPU Intel Atom X6211E/X6413E/X6425E
Chipset SoC

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1U 19” Rackmount Appliance With Intel® Alder Lake S Processor

CPU Intel® Alder Lake S
Chipset Intel® H610E/Q670E

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