A leading workforce solutions and healthcare staffing provider with 1000 facilities nationwide learnt about Lanner while looking for a robust hardware platform ideal for building a zero trust network infrastructure capable of delivering superior user experience, optimized network security and network performance for acute-care hospitals, community health clinics and physician practice groups.


The ideal network infrastructure must ensure the followings

  1. Network Security: With sensitive patient data and information being transferred across the network, data security was of paramount importance. The ideal appliance must protect the network from potential threats and breaches that specifically targeted the healthcare industry.
  2. Performance Optimization: The said network infrastructure at the time struggled to handle the growing volume of users, data and network traffic, leading to lackluster performance and network bottlenecks.
  3. Scalability: With an expanding business, the ideal platform must be scalable in order to accommodate future growth.


Lanner's NCA-1515, a high-performance network security appliance designed to meet the demands of modern networks.

The NCA-1515 features robust performance and Intel’s QuickAssist Technology, offering cryptographic acceleration and commercial-grade LAN functions in a 231mm x 200mm x 44mm (WxDxH) form factor.

Intel® Atom™ C3758/C3558/C3308 CPU and Intel® QuickAssist Technology together greatly boost network responsiveness and security by distributing processing power to more critical applications and by offloading computationally intensive compression and encryption/decryption tasks; what’s more, the NCA-1515 is also armed with secure boot and support for TPM 2.0, K-lock.

The NCA-1515 features 0~40ºC operating temperatures, Intel® AES-NI, up to 32 GB of DDR4 2400/2133/1866 MHz memory; for networking communications, the NCA-1515 offers three different configurations.

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In conjunction with the deployment, on top of the NCA-1515, a proprietary and comprehensive cloud security application intended for delivering zero trust app access and cloud connectivity, the following results can be obtained:

  • A cloud-native approach that is aligned with the overall zero trust philosophy and delivers work-from-anywhere security for a global workforce
  • No longer having to rely on problematic VPNs, therefore reducing the attack surface and preventing lateral threat movement
  • The cost/complexity of legacy security products and traffic backhauls can be eliminated
  • Network latency is no longer the norm and remote user experience is significantly improved.
  • Migration of apps to the cloud can be accelerated by integrating security, network and app transformation


The partnership with Lanner for making the aforementioned transition to a zero trust network architecture was straightforward and cost-effective. This multitenant, cloud-native ecosystem and the proprietary security functions are now all integrated into a single scalable platform, eliminating the need for multiple point solutions.

A greater security posture with less administrative overhead and at a lower cost than traditional alternatives is achieved as legacy infrastructure was replaced with simplified security operations.

Logs no longer have to be reviewed in order to manually parse data and to determine which events require action. Such zero trust approach quickly isolates the incidents that need attention, so action plans can be jump started without delays.

The result is a solution that achieves a balance between outstanding user experience and cost-effectiveness. The NCA-1515 is truly a platform on which end-to-end zero trust security can be deployed as a pre-integrated, single solution that saves time and overheads.

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