A leading manufacturer of laser cutting machinery in Switzerland was looking for a new computer system to install in their new product line. Their earlier product line were using full-sized industrial motherboards, which were too slow for the demanding calculations.

The Challenge

The system needed very high processing power to be able to control the laser cutter precisely and at a very high speed. The computer would also need to be small enough to fit into the machine’s maintenance drawer, and not require much downtime for maintenance.

The Solution

Through Lanner’s distributor in Switzerland, the company found the LEC-2222, which is a customized version of LEC-2220 with two extra USB ports. Fitted with an 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 (620M) CPU, processing power was no longer a problem. The compact design could also fit easily into the drawer on the machine, and the special fan design made maintenance possible without system down time.

The LEC-2220 and LEC-2222 is fitted with a smart fan, which monitors the system temperature and only turns itself on when necessary. Any moving part is a maintenance part, so the system integrator could setup an alarm based on temperature and fan speed. If the temperature was so high that the fan should be running, but did not, an alarm would be triggered to notify the user that the fan needed replacement. The fan on LEC-2220 and this custom LEC-2222 model is detachable from the outside so that it can be replaced even while the system is running. So the laser cutter can keep working while the fan is replaced. Less downtime is always a great product feature.

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The Result

The new machinery was a success and now has customers worldwide.

The Hardware Solution

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