Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 9th, 2024 - Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of edge AI appliances, and GoodVision, a prominent provider of traffic video analytics technology, have joined forces at Intertraffic 2024 to unveil pioneering real-time traffic analytics solutions, leveraging the power of Lanner’s Edge AI appliances pre-validated with GoodVision’s Live Traffic AI engine. Come visit our booth at Intertraffic 2024 (#05.134) from April 16 to 19, 2024.

At Intertraffic 2024, Lanner and GoodVision will showcase a diverse range of Edge AI appliances designed to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency in traffic management. Fully compatible with existing IP cameras, the joint solution is specifically engineered for analyzing video streams in real-time, offering advanced capabilities for traffic monitoring and event detection on roads and junctions.

Lanner provides a wide range of Edge AI platforms powered by NVIDIA Jetson SoC, NVIDIA GPU cards, and Hailo-8 AI processors. These rugged AI inference computers enable system integrators and application developers to deliver robust computing power for video analytics applications deployed in transportation, critical infrastructure, and other industrial conditions.

GoodVision’s Live Traffic empowers continuous traffic monitoring, enabling 24/7 surveillance and real-time adjustments of traffic controllers with unparalleled precision and easy deployment. By harnessing the most precise traffic data available, GoodVision delivers just-in-time insights into traffic volumes, vehicle events, and violations. With its live traffic analytics capabilities, GoodVision transforms road-side cameras into a comprehensive and efficient traffic control system, revolutionizing the management of traffic flow and enhancing overall road safety.

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"We are thrilled to partner with GoodVision to introduce our latest lineup of Edge AI appliances at Intertraffic 2024," said Geoffrey Egger, General Manager of Lanner Europe. "By combining Lanner's expertise in rugged AI-accelerated computers with GoodVision's industry-leading traffic analytics software, we aim to empower transportation agencies with the tools they need to deliver real-time insights for traffic management”.

''GoodVision is a global provider of B2B enterprise software solutions in the traffic industry. An optimised combination of software and hardware is essential for our customers, therefore we have partnered with Lanner, true specialists in appliances for edge AI.” Said Daniel Stofan, CEO of GoodVision Ltd. “By working together, each team bringing their expertise to the table, we deliver solutions that simply work! ‘’

About Lanner Electronics

Lanner Electronics Inc is a world-leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrators, service providers and application developers. For more information regarding Lanner Electronics, please visit

About GoodVision

GoodVision is a fast-growing London (UK) startup that provides a B2B AI–powered software platform to help transport companies understand the traffic happening on roads and intersections while reducing congestion, commute time and increasing traffic safety. Their product interconnects data, processes, and experts in the entire transportation industry. GoodVision’s product has users from 98 countries and their live traffic monitoring system is being used in 7 countries worldwide. To learn more about the company visit