Driving 5G Edge Network Computing and Connectivity

5G private networks pave the way for new business models, services, and applications. They enable digital transformation across various sectors, including emergency services, autonomous mining, smart manufacturing, unlocking opportunities for mission-critical applications with increased bandwidth, enhanced security, and low-latency communications

Lanner provides network hardware solutions, comprising of uCPE Platforms and DU/CU appliance and scalable Edge Servers, for quickly enabling edge computing  and programmable switching for real-time response and flexible service deployment.


Mobile 5G Private Network for Rescue Operation



5G networks have the potential to revolutionize emergency rescue operations by providing faster deployment, reliable communication, and quality of services. These advancements can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency responders, ultimately leading to better outcomes in critical situations.

Deployment Scenario

  • Frontfual switch with 8x25G ports for maximum 8 RU support.
  • -10 to 55c operating temperature support for fronthaul switch

Use Case




5G Private Network for Autonomous Mining



5G private network provides a robust and reliable communication infrastructure that supports the requirements of autonomous mining. It enhances safety, efficiency, remote monitoring, analytics, and scalability, enabling mining companies to optimize their operations and achieve greater productivity in the mining environment.

Deployment Scenario

  • Large areas to cover and connect multiple devices, sensors enabling digitization and improved yield
  • Need for a secure and reliable network that can scale up or down based on demand

Use Case



5G Private Network for Smart Manufacturing



By leveraging the capabilities of a 5G private network, smart manufacturing can achieve higher levels of automation, efficiency, flexibility, and quality control. The seamless and reliable connectivity provided by 5G private networks empowers manufacturers to synchronize their operations of autonomous mobile vehicles and robotics, and gain a competitive edge in the manufacturing landscape.

Deployment Scenario

  • Provide the dedicated bandwidth capacity and range required for high-quality connections and consistent service to help reduce downtime
  • Collecting environmental data to improve productivity, enhance predictive/preventive equipment maintenance capabilities



Featured Products

NCA-1516_front7   NCR-1567_front   ECA-4027_front   e400


Indoor 5G uCPE 

  • 4~16 Core Intel® Atom C3000 CPU
  • DDR4 1866/2133/2400 MHz, Max. 64GB
  • 6x GbE RJ45 (w/ 2x PoE+ Option), 2x 10GbE SFP+,with SR-IOV and DPDK support


Outdoor 5G uCPE

  • Fanless Design Compliant with IP67 and MIL-STD-810G
  • Intel® Atom® C3000 Extended Temperature CPU (Denverton)
  • 2x DDR4 up to 2133 MHz ECC SODIMM Slots, Default 16GB x1


DU/Open RAN Appliance

  • Intel® Xeon D-2100 12/16 Cores Processor
  • Wide Operating Temperature -40~65ºC
  • 2x DDR4 2667 MHz REG, ECC RDIMM, Max. 64GB


CU/MEC Server

  • Carrier-grade, full redundancy and extreme high performance
  • 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor with AI Acceleration
  • Support 5x 1U compute sleds or 2x 2U+1U compute sleds