As we usher into the age of 5G, IoT is set to generate increasingly more data at the edge requiring compute and processing power resources be moved closer to the devices. This will result in a massive ecosystem of distributed hardware, creating complexities to manage and secure those devices.

To build an open, interoperable network platforms for multi-vendor network environments, at SDN NFV World Congress 2019 Lanner will discuss how the next gen Whitebox Solutions™ optimized by leading VNF companies can ease the rollout of next-gen SD-WAN for remote branches or even large enterprises. We will also cover how a hyper-converged HTCA architecture integrating x86 compute, high speed switch and storage in one single platform can empower ultra-low latency communications for multi-access edge computing, content delivery, Cloud-RAN and other 5G applications

An open architecture and network disaggregation allow network operators to efficiently integrate white box, pre-validate hardware platform with best-in-class VNFs and to accelerate service time-to-market. To build a platform for multi-vendor SD-WAN and MEC applications, Lanner will join NFV & Carrier SD 2019 to showcase our latest Whitebox Solutions™ of WiFi/LTE ready uCPE and low-latency MEC platforms for distributed NFV networks and edge data center. Save the day and visit us on September 17~19, 2019 at Dallas, Texas.

These increasing, CPU-intensive workloads from real-time vision processing solutions have steadily pushed intelligent vision/surveillance systems towards a tailored, hardware-accelerated edge computing approach.

5G specifications are anticipated to revolutionize future network communications with nearly 100 times faster than 4G/LTE. To realize the potential of 5G, distributed network architecture is adopted to offer more agile and more reliable communications, based on edge computing infrastructure to minimize the latency in communications. In fact, SD-WAN and Edge Computing are two major foundations of 5G that will enable operators to create new revenue streams, by virtualizing the edge so that diverse networking and agile service delivery models can be realized. Recent successful applications include consolidated branch networking via vCPE, NFVI and SDN Switch, and ultra-low latency MEC.

According to the Global ICS and IIoT Risk Report by CyberX, one-third of the Industrial IoT networks where the processes are controlled by industrial control systems (ICS) are exposed to the public internet. Meanwhile, the implementation of IP-based connectivity used to communicate between multiple industrial IoT devices, and the growing use of sophisticated microprocessors in the industrial facility, have actually led to greater security risks which did not exist previously. This makes industrial control systems (ICS) one of the most vulnerable targets in the industrial world.

At APTA Rail Conference 2019, Lanner will present its rugged Rolling Stock Computers that are EN-50155 and EN-45545 certified, and are customizable for OEM’s to deploy their proprietary applications and go to market with a complete solution under their brand.

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