The availability of 5G in 2020 presents both opportunities and challenges for the communication service providers, as moving network services to 5G networks requires high volume of investments in infrastructures. New disruptive technologies at virtualized edge, such as uCPE/SD-WAN and MEC,   have reduced a significant the total cost of ownership while increased the service agility and interoperability.

The network edge must scale to support an exponential growth in bandwidth demand, in the number of connected devices and in the volume of applications demanding low-latency. To meet this demand – the edge requires a scalable, high-performance, power-and-space-efficient computing platform on which to develop, deploy and upgrade network functions. Emerging edge platforms need to satisfy the diverse and varying infrastructure needs of a multiple network constituents including cloud providers, communication service providers and enterprises.

As in the previous years, Lanner looks forward to present ISC West of 2020 with the latest and greatest in hardware platform technology for today’s intelligent video security and analytics applications.

Due to the challenges in network convergence for enterprise IT management, the conventional security measures are encountering their limits against the sophisticated, advanced cyber intrusions. Managed security providers for distributed enterprise networks need a reliable hardware partner that understands the specialized requirement for network security landscape and offers wide selection of network appliances specifically built to mitigate cyber threats for small and medium enterprises, branch offices, large-scale enterprises and cloud data centers.

Cloud Services, IoT, 5G and MEC are driving applications ever closer to the network edge, challenging existing network/cloud edge infrastructure to scale into the multi-Tbps range as well as to meet severely reduced latency requirements. Using traditional fixed function network technologies to deliver this enhanced Multi-access Edge Computing unfortunately adds latency to packet flows, multiplies networking costs, limits scalability and drives expenses through the roof. Programmable match-action data planes, combined with programmable compute resources, make it possible deploy Multi-access Edge Computing as an intelligent resource that brings the network into full partnership with applications and coordinates flows across enterprises and global networks.

Lanner is excited to offer first peek into its latest line of dual wireless IoT Gateway and GPU powered Industrial PC solutions at the IoT Evolution expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL from Feb 11-14, 2020.

The release 5G is anticipated to realize a wide range of new applications requiring the distributed networks to meet the demands of high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and real-time data processing. 5G architecture is essentially designed to take advantage of cloud-native concepts – the ability to communicate in a micro-services environment, and deploy network disaggregation and virtualization technology to deliver services and applications. At MWC 2020, Lanner will showcase our latest hardware platforms designed for SD-WAN, Intelligent Edge and MEC Content Delivery. Come visit our booth at Hall 7 (#7B2) from February 24 to 27, 2020.

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